A year back I predicted Pete the mayor will eventually come through the mostly unelectable, then 20 plus mass of Democrat Party aspirants, and that Biden will eventually fold. That was received with scoffing.

Then a fortnight back I wrote that my dream (electable) team was Amy with Pete the mayor as her running mate. This too drew scorn, namely that Amy had never registered in any poll.

Now Biden is gone, so too Pocahontas, and Amy and mayor Pete are slaying all except the 100% unelectable Sanders. I must be a bloody genius.

Amy will have no trouble handling Trump in debate. More to the point, here’s another prediction.

Should the Democrats eventually settle on that due I’ll wager within a month polls will show them way ahead of Trump.


It won’t make any difference Bob, Trump will win and serve a second term as US President.

bill4parryTauhei Notts February 13, 2020 at 9:49 am

Nobody has mentioned Bloomberg lately. I watch the international betting agencies and he is much better rated than Buttigieg.

Like Mayor Pete in Iowa you are declaring victory way before all the results are in. Biden may do better in South Carolina. Mayor Pete could do much worse. Bloomberg may see the benefit of the millions he is spending in Nevada. There could be a brokered convention with the outside chance that Hillary will swoop in to “save the party”. The gravitationally challenged lady is still backstage gargling and warming up her voice. Early days yet. Calm down, Nostradamus.

    Update: After lacklustre showings in Nevada and South Carolina, Mayor Pete and Amy have both dropped out of the race before “Super Tuesday”. Biden has received a stay of execution thanks to a strong showing in South Carolina. Bernie is narrowly in the lead in the delegate count but the knives are out and he is pinning his hopes on California tomorrow. Bloomberg has yet to make a real impact despite spending more than US$500 million on saturation media ads and was humiliated by most of the other candidates in the Nevada debate. A brokered convention is looking more and more likely.

Like your prediction “Trump’s in real trouble now” when impeachment came along?


That’s not a dream team – that’s a nightmare team. It can’t be a dream if it involves the democrats. Trump has done more for ordinary Americans than the last 3 presidents combined. He will, & deserves to, win in a landslide.

You might be a Genius Bob, but are you a “Stable Genius” like Trump announced? 🙂

Biden will still win. 99.9% of Blacks and 99.8% of Latinos have yet to vote.

Credit where credit is due, though Buttigieg specifically is gradually lowering in my esteem, and even if Sanders is unelectable as you say, he is still the great obstacle.

Call no man happy till he is dead.

It was disappointing to see Andrew Yang toss it in, I thought he was looking good.
I am in complete bewilderment as to why you were chasing a defamation case with no discernible upside for you Bob, completely lost me on that one.

    Yang was literally buying votes by promising every US adult $1000 a month and had no real chance of nomination. Re. “Sir Jones’ ” (a very funny moment in NZ legal history) defamation case, at the very least the young lady involved will now realise that her contrived “woke” actions have real world consequences and hopefully other pearl-clutching participants in the manufactured online offence industry will take note. I think it was worth taking legal action to make a point.

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