Some readers have asked why I don’t mention Bernie in my comments on the Democrat Presidential nominee race.

The reason is simple.  The Democrats are principally driven by a passion to oust Trump.  Bernie’s extreme left wing policies would see him slaughtered in an ultimate show-down with Trump.

Remember that Mayor Peter and Amy were contesting the same centre ground, so altogether, they with most of the other hopefuls, commanded four times Bernie’s vote.  When it’s down to just one of them (probably Amy) Bernie gets butchered.  He will not win the nomination.

Assuming Amy ultimately wins, perhaps opting for Pete as her running mate might not be smart.  Rather, image-wise, she should select a presidential, and plainly intelligent, respected 50-ish male from outside the system.

I say that as with few exceptions going back to Nixon, far too many Vice-President nominees have been notorious lightweights, such as the current vacuous Vice-President.

The dark horse in all of this is Michael Bloomberg.  To date he’s spent $200m and is now appearing in the polls.  Compare that to Amy’s $3m raised, little of which she’s spent.  That said, I’d be surprised if he gets up as politics loves fresh faces.

One thing is sure.  For all of its faults the democratic process offers gripping entertainment value at election times.  We immensely enjoyed observing the recent British election with its many unexpected outcomes, such as the phenomenal surge in the Scots Nationalist party which no-one predicted.

Plainly the same fascinating uncertainties are emerging for our own coming election with so much hinging on whether Winston gets up again.

I once fretted over all of this but now, as advised by a famous Berkley Professor friend, far better to sit back and enjoy the madhouse spectacle.

In the interim, never forget Harold Wilson’s famous adage, “A week is a long time in politics.”  Thus all sorts of unexpected events could occur to alter the current ratings.  Who knows?  Winston might even end up with 80 MPs in these unpredictable times.  But don’t bet on it.

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