Imagine the carry-on if Weinstein is either acquitted or alternatively, there’s a hung jury.  Yet on the evidence he could well be.  Here’s why.

He’s been charged with sexual molestation offences against two women.  The Judge allowed a large number of others to give evidence against him of their similar experiences to show he had form. They however, were all out of time to make a formal criminal complaint which raises the question why not at least one of them had done so?


Two years ago at exactly 5pm on a Wednesday, I had cause to walk along the eastern side of Lambton Quay back to our offices, perhaps 1000 metres. I counted the office girls I confronted walking towards me, in total 67, every one of them head-down, staring at their phones.


Veteran columnist Rosemary McLeod whose writings I enjoy and mostly agree with, chimed in today re my Maihi libel case.

Specifically, she complained that numerous people are defamed on social media but can’t afford to do anything about it. “Access to justice is for the rich” she said, citing my case.


Some readers have asked why I don’t mention Bernie in my comments on the Democrat Presidential nominee race.

The reason is simple.  The Democrats are principally driven by a passion to oust Trump.  Bernie’s extreme left wing policies would see him slaughtered in an ultimate show-down with Trump.


A year back I predicted Pete the mayor will eventually come through the mostly unelectable, then 20 plus mass of Democrat Party aspirants, and that Biden will eventually fold. That was received with scoffing.