I note the society’s President, Hugh Rennie QC has jibed at me for failing to construct the mile high Gareth Morgan statue I sought for Wellington. The reason for that was the hopeless Council’s refusal to give me a building permit, otherwise it would be up by now. I can understand Hugh’s frustration given he’d offered himself as a human sacrifice at the foundation stone ceremony, but my hands are tied.

Hugh’s missive was simply a distraction ploy from his own problems with the Society. Police Minister Stu Nash advised me he’s no longer a member because of Hugh’s refusal to call an AGM for fear of losing his Presidential office.

Apparently Hugh’s book out-lining the flat earth case is due to be published soon and he plans a heavy promotion to the Society’s 14,000 members. Stuart claims that’s a mis-use of his office and has now joined up with prominent Lower Hutt lawyer David Butler’s rival Aotearoa Flat Earth Organisation, as I gather also has Trevor Mallard.

This schism does the truth-seeking cause no good at all. Butler’s Aotearoa Flat Earth Movement has apparently wasted no time and had manufactured lapel badges of Mike Hughes’ visage. Tune into Parliament and you will note one on Speaker Trevor Mallard’s suit jacket lapel when he rises to call for order and his gown falls open.

Butler feels strongly about Hugh’s organisation as an outsider and thus damaging to the cause. He makes the excellent point that it’s the Aotearoa Flat Earth movement which is the sole official New Zealand branch affiliated to the World Flat Earth movement, headquartered in Geneva.

That said, rumour has it that Hugh’s book makes some excellent points, such as if the earth is a sphere, then why aren’t we Kiwis at the bottom of the fictious globe, walking about upside down? It’s a bloody good question.

Hugh’s scholarship research also brought forth the revelation from the travel industry that people flying to Europe always return on the same route, rather than chance their arm and say go via America and return via Asia. Why? Because according to Hugh they know bloody well it’s not possible and they’ll end up going over the edge.

In the interim I’m pleased to advise that Auckland University has now agreed to a statue of the great Mike Hughes for the foyer of their science Department, so too AUT and needless to say Massey which as a gesture of endorsement, has sacked a mob of heretic non-believer so-called science lecturers. Well done Massey. The truth will ultimately prevail.



Easy! We wear ground harnesses.

I went from NZ to Europe via America and returned to NZ via Asia.

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