Why for God’s sake do American political aspirants insist on appearing with their spouses holding bloody hands?

No-one, including in America, anywhere in the world, walk about holding their wives’ hand. So why do American Presidential aspirants do this?

It would certainly be the kiss of death if the Mayor Peter did, mind you he’d do himself a power of good if he desisted referring to his husband and substituted partner.


Now that Mayor Pete has pulled the plug on his Presidential campaign bid he may well use his elevated public profile to run for congress or the senate in the future and be on the Obama track for the presidency in 2024. Stay tuned. P.S. Amy Klobochar is also out of the race as predicted.

    Yes, thinking bigger picture as irked as Sir Robert may now be that his favourite candidates have dropped out, the odds have now certainly jumped in Trump’s favour. As valuable as age can be as an indicator, it would have been nice for someone not born in the 1940’s to finally take the well hogged reins.
    Speaking of Buttigieg and previous president, he clearly pictures himself as next Obama, if you have seen it the recent side by side footage of him imitating Obama line by line is rather embarrassingly amusing, which says something about his approach and originality.

    The one thing I don’t get is the point on spouses holding hands, which strikes me as rather a gross exaggeration, if anything it reminds me a bit of a basement dwelling 4channer flustered at the supposed lewdness of the act. But as bemusing as a picture that sort of is either way who cares? Each to their own.

    As Sir Robert rightly points out for Buttigieg this is more of a problem, even though he is obviously doing it for identity politics brownie points/armour, it gets him no favours with evangelical and non-caucasian voters etc. but again, each to their own.

      Mayor Pete was and/or still is the CIA sponsored “spook” candidate as was Obama and has some of the same qualifications e.g. JD from Harvard (a traditional “CIA/spook” recruiting ground) so it is not surprising that he is regurgitating some of the same inane globalist boilerplate talking points as Obama did as they probably both have the same handler at Langley HQ 🙂 #AR/RIFLE

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