By God the Japanese are devious buggers. The insist they’re going on with the Olympics knowing full well in the current global hysteria, neither spectators nor participants will come.

The upshot, a clean Japanese gold, silver and bronze sweep in every event. Furthermore, there’s rich pickings for them here.

Take say the men’s 100 metres. They could sell their representation rights and guarantee the buyer is the only Japanese participant. A wealthy 85 year old could pick up the gold with a new 100 metres record of one minute 35 seconds.

Likewise a diver with a bellyflop, and so it goes. The spectator appeal would be immense, something which can’t be said for 90% of Olympic events


Wow, common sense at last, Well said Bob, I hope people take note but I will not hold my breath !!!!

The IOOC may have some say here; it’s not an Olympic medal if they aren’t a sanctioned event, so be wary of their shenanigans; Of course, the only mob more corrupt / conniving / scheming than the IOOC is FIFA, so who knows ???

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