At 83 years old and knowing time is of the essence, Silvio has set an example to us all by trading in his 34 year old girlfriend for a younger one.

What’s noteworthy is the replacement is a 30 year old MP so if the cut-off point is now 34, she’s got a 4 year run before substitution.

Shades of Singapore Airlines which for years had a single advertising slogan, “Singapore Girl”. Plainly this worked as flogging the beauty of their hostesses saw them become the world’s most successful airline. But alas, no longer in this age of wokism and now they’ve slipped in the ranks. During that enlightened golden era their girls were required to resign at 32, being then officially deemed to be crones.

Silvio’s reign as Italy’s Prime Minister came to an abrupt halt when his rather staid cabinet finally cried enough and rolled him. This coup followed his inaugural meeting with Angela Merkel. Asked at a cabinet meeting how he had found her, he succinctly and accurately replied, “Unfuckable”.


Bob, I am eighty one and I know you are a year younger than me. So a little slip up there.

The learned man would raise you one ‘Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress’ by Benjamin Franklin.

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