If the greatest nation in the history can only produce Sanders, Biden and Trump as Presidential candidates, then America’s democracy is seriously flawed.

Presumably the Democrats won’t be mad enough to cause a Trumpian landslide by selecting unelectable Bernie.

That leaves boring Biden whose sole credential is not being Trump. That’s not without merit but one must marvel that it’s come to this. In fairness, we make the same complaint here in New Zealand, especially about our local government candidates.

The explanation is simple. In the pre-market economy age everyone enjoyed more leisure time thus competent people put their hand up for public office. But the opportunities the market economy offer goers are so compelling, such folk are fully pre-occupied. Add the pressures of competition forcing the goers to stay focused to succeed.

So the pursuit of public office is increasingly the domain of non-descripts, opportunistically filling the void.

A further deterring factor is the contemporary no-holds barred raucous media, and social media in particular, relentless personal abuse and criticism. Trivial harmless remarks are blown out of proportion and misinterpreted while candidates are viewed as fair game by all and sundry to be insulted and vilified.

So we end up with the likes of Biden and Trump, neither who could win the mayoralty of say, Masterton if they were eligible.

Absurd though it is, given his emptiness, Biden could win as sensible Republican voters would feel comfortable knowing a Biden Presidency would be a bureaucrats administration and unlike Trump, he’d bow to their expertise.

Trump’s intuition evidently tells him that thus his disgraceful Ukrainian endeavours and speaking up for Sanders.

In short, if utterly innocuous, Biden may be the man for the main task, namely restoring dignity to the world’s most powerful public office. It was that rationale that saw otherwise dull Jimmy Carter gain the Presidency.



Unfortunately, it seems like Biden is showing signs of dementia. Trump will shred him in the debates.

    So the pursuit of public office is increasingly the domain of non-descripts, opportunistically filling the void.

    You only have to look at Wellington City Council to see the truth of this statement.

You are allowing personalities to drive your opinion. Trump may be a “creep & a blowhard “but he gets things done & sticks to his promises. Surely this is the type of leaders we need not warm fuzzy virtue signalling leaders like Adern, Obama & Trudeau. They all talk the talk but unlike Trump they fail to walk it.

I said similar things about the candidates last election. In the case of us I always appreciated the term ‘shallow puddle’ in the context of nominal public servants. Disease outbreaks tend to favour the ‘right wing’ but you are possibly right about Biden at this point. A vote for Biden is effectively a vote for his yet to be determined running mate. Still, most politicians now have a visible chance of dying off.

Very amusing column Bob and I think you have a point about competent people like business leaders being too engaged in their work to run for office. And putting your head above the parapet these days risks being hit by social media rotten tomatoes lobbed by the easily offended. As for the USA, I suspect the corona virus could end Trump’s chances of re election, that is, if his address to the nation, and the early signs of the situation being mishandled, are anything to go by.

I have believed for some time that we are witnessing the slow death of western democracy, Governments having to “buy”votes, governments unable to make decisions because of pressure groups and protesters, Democracy is strangling itself and it may be quicker than we think. Look around at what is happening in the world.

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