Bloomberg’s massive advertising expenditure brought accusations of trying to buy the election. Were it not illegal he could actually have done so by standing as an Independent. Then offer every supporting voter showing a cell-phone photo of their voting slip backing him, $10,000 each. That would have done the trick for sure and cost him less than he actually spent on advertising.

The irony is he’d have been a competent President, certainly when compared with Trump or Biden.



Nothing incompetent about Trump. Check the promises he has honoured & results he has achieved in 1 term.

Proves it is probably easier to buy a president than a presidency. The news media gaffe about his advertising expenditures being enough to have given every American $1,000,000 was rather laughable. Bloomberg would have been one of the better candidates in this pandemic scenario too.

Sir Bob, you have a decimal in the wrong place. Bloomberg spent somewhat over $400 million before abandoning his campaign. To win election, a candidate will need 70 million votes, give or take a few million. So for what he spent he could afford to bribe voters only about $6 per vote, not $10,000.
If he spent his entire net worth of $60 billion, he could afford $800+ per vote. This might not be enough even if it were legal, and it is probably more than the presidency is worth.

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