The top photo shows our Wellington director Sam Cooper prior to the Kaikoura earthquake.

That event saw him hide under his bed ever since.

Today he came into the office, satisfied there will be no more earthquakes.

His appearance (bottom photo) frightened our female staff so they told him about coronavirus and he’s now back under his bed.



The Reds are supposed to be under the beds:

“The Red Scare (1947-57) was a period of paranoia about communist infiltration or invasion in the United States. During this period, ordinary Americans were paralysed by a fear of ‘Reds under the bed’, a belief that communist agents and sympathisers were secretly living amongst them.” [https://alphahistory.com/coldwar/reds-under-the-bed/]

Did Sam meet any Reds during the rather long time that he has spent there? Or is this in fact evidence that he is/was one himself?

If his terms of employment actually required him to live in that hazardous environment, or you failed to intervene to deal with his obvious stress by providing mitigatory measures, you may face prosecution for failing to provide him with a safe workplace.

Ironic that it’s Tom Hanks – I chuckled despite myself.

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