A breathless lengthy lead Herald item told us that Millie Elder-Holmes has bought a house in Christchurch.

Presumably many people have done the same in recent times. Why doesn’t the Herald tell us about them?

Millie is the 32 year old daughter of Dr Hinemoa Elder whom the late Paul Holmes was briefly married to in the early 1990s. Her father is a Greek.

Apart from grossly disfiguring her body with tattoos, she is unaccomplished and unnotable.

Why then does the Herald constantly report her every action and utterance, trivial though they are, as worthy of our attention?


I agree 100%. I hear about all these wonderful people getting groceries and doing gardens for others in their neighbourhoods. The healthcare workers, the grocery shop workers, the cleaners etc. So many opportunities for decent human interest stories. And we hear about Millie Elder or Kim . Hmmm

Kim Kadashian I meant on the end of my post. I’m thinking she’s not that famous where a first name only would suffice!

Well said Sir Bob. I thought I was the only person who wondered what the point of that article was. Seems anyone can be a celebrity in NZ now.

I enjoyed reading the story because it didn’t contain a reference to the bloody Coronavirus.

Mind you I watched a video of two turtles racing last night because I miss the F1 cars.

The Herald publishes about Millie because she has a huge young fan base. It’s no wonder that you’re not aware.

    Huge young fan base? Maybe in Auckland? I don’t know anyone, young or old, who recalls her or pays any attention to her. Wait on, perhaps the Herald was aiming to warn Christchurch of the pending arrival of another Auckland nonentity, vanishing into non-existence there just as what’s-his-name and who-was-she have just done in the USA.

I think it’s nostalgia , holmes sweet holmes

Why are you reading the Herald

Get ready for more of this bullshit now the Womens magazines are gone.

Sadly,or perhaps not, The Herald (online version)is just another clickbait site.
Vapid stories of celebs,or anything of interest only to those excited by ephemera are it’s stock in trade

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