Dr Anthony Fauci, director of America’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been a mainstay at Trump’s press conferences.

Observers have made much of his seeming embarrassment at Trump’s often inane sweeping comments.

Trump’s dismissal in February of the virus threat as a hoax is now a subject of derision.

But remember, Trump was widely scorned for his blanket ban on flights from China.

My observation, rightly or wrongly of Fauci is he suffers from the American disease of a craving for television attention.

What’s not mentioned is not once but twice, a fortnight apart in January, Fauci assured American’s on national television there was zero danger of the virus reaching America.


That last para adds considerable nuance.

At least Fauci later said he’s no economist, recommending lockdown based on health thinking only, yet many countries now follow health expertise absent any wider perspective, ironically risking worse economic AND health outcomes:
“Did the WHO just Lock in the Cratering of the Global Economy?” https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ronpol_did-the-who-just-lock-in-the-cratering-of-activity-6655633919104385024-Unrv
(NZ slavishly follows WHO, which even in late Feb was saying asymptomatic transmission was rare, despite evidence otherwise. Likely a key reason most countries tipped into lockdown, ignoring the one area where fast action might have avoided it (like Taiwan & S/K did, with broader outcomes-oriented thinking, independently of WHO). More uni-science thinking may now tip the global economy over the cliff more than Trump did for the US.

In January 2020 Dr Fauci was calling the coming flu season to be one of the worst on record projecting 69,000 deaths. He is also connected with the Clinton Foundation and several other leftist non profits. The Harvard medical school for public health took 100million of Chinese money from the Chan/Zuckerberg foundation as well. WHO is funded by big Pharma pushing vaccines also. Fauci is a democrat plant, he profiteered of the aids vaccines as well just like he is set to do here. He dragged Trump into this quagmire on a bump in poll numbers Trump took the bait. https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/prevention-cures/477142-the-us-is-on-track-to-have-one-of-the-worst-flu

Beyond any particular individual the so called ‘expert’ class (particularly in America) have shown the vast majority of themselves as the charlatans some of us always knew them to be. Media, Academia, Government, the WHO, many large corporations, etc. are either so corrupt, ineffective, or removed from reality that they’re operating to the absolute detriment of most individuals, families, and local communities.

There are ways for all entities serving these functions to work better and with less fragility. I really hope the most of this valuable opportunity is made to make a change. Otherwise we are in real trouble when this happens again. Never squander a crisis, especially a fortunate close call from true disaster like this one

    A lot of truth in what you say Caleb, but you can only keep faith or you go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and extremism and therein lies the path to despair and insanity.

      I don’t go much in for conspiracy theories.
      The ‘geniuses’ at the top tend to prove time and again they’re too foolish to pull off anything elaborate.
      Goes with the territory of large bureaucracy. It’s why bottom-up is better than top-down – it can emergently handle computational complexity.
      Hanlon’s razor suffices for the most part, but not always.

The US President, Donald Trump didn’t call the virus a hoax. He called the Democrat Party attacks on his handling a hoax. The media here are only reporting orange man bad, and it’s beyond a joke.
Don’t take my word for it though, here’s a fact checker link:

Bob, many years ago I was a young lad when you went to court and was fined for punching a ‘journalist’. You line as reportedly something along the line of was if you paid double could you do it again? I thought it was one of the best one liners ever. Now there a many more ‘journalists’ equally deserving among us.

Divide the billions of dollars that it has cost NZ by the number of deaths of old people. My two grown children would probably turn off the life support at $20,000.

It appears that our PM has been infected with the Ameican disease of craving for television attention.

I found this link interesting:https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/04/14/dr-faucis-own-career-making-medical-research-had-no-clinical-control-group-used-historic-controls-coronavirus/
Why on earth wpold you not try these drugs? How would you get comment now from the New York physicians?

Jeez , has this room got a direct link to Fox News ?

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