Thank God for comedians to lighten those dark days.

First came the splendid news that our best known poet, Colin Craig, is appealing Justice Palmer’s decision that “enough is enough”. In fairness, this killjoy verdict was out of concern for the woman at the centre of the various Craig libel actions, who’d already endured three hearings.

But surely over-riding that humane decision was the wonderful entertainment value Craig provides. Doubtless had Justice Palmer known of the virus and our government’s injudicious response which lay ahead, he’d have come up with a different verdict.

But now comes the even better news that Jamie Lee (what sort of fairy name is that? He should have been unelectable) is to start a political Party.

If he turned up with Craig they could be responsible for resurrecting the old election mode of mass political meetings.

By election time the voters, impoverished and in desperate need for light relief, would turn up in their thousands. Colin could open with a love poem and have the women in the audience swooning. Ross advises he needs to warn us of the threat we’re facing from the Chinese Communist Party. My God, I’d pay to listen to that. He claimed no new Party has made it to Parliament without a current or former MP leading it. Has he heard of the Labour Party or Social Credit? Plainly not.

But no matter. It’s precisely these sort of utterances which would pull an audience.

I’ve been critical of God lately, pointing out his cock-ups. Plainly my observations have sharpened him up, thus the Craig and Ross announcements. Well done God. Take 10 marks.


Amen Bob! I can hardly write this through the tears of laughter … they’re still having the desired effect after the First Acts ,,, but to learn these goats are in the starting blocks for a ‘second coming’ has made my day.

I would be surprised given his past performance that Jamie could even be encouraged to vote for himself

Off topic, but no matter – it’s time for a sermon.
It’s really difficult to actually buy materials from Mitre10 or Bunnings, due to this idiotic lockdown.
Why can I go to a supermarket, but not Mitre10?
The answer, of course, is that the economic vandalism continues.
I think we need to assess the reason for this economic vandalism.
A strong prima facie case for the extreme lockdown could be stupidity. For sure, Ms Ardern has a brain the size of a pea.
This wouldn’t explain why Dr Raymond Bloomfield goes along with it all. He’s supposed to be smart. However, dear reader, I may have solved this dilemma, quite by accident.
I was half listening to Dr Raymond Bloomfield monotoning away on television, and I thought I heard him say something like “Elimination. Elimination. Elimination, definitely. Yeah. I’m an excellent driver.”
Actually, on reflection, I don’t think he said that, but that doesn’t matter. It was the way he spoke. It was like listening to the autistic savant in Rain Man. If you’ve seen the movie, I think that you would agree with me.
Anyway, despite a strong prima facie case, I would reject the stupidity theory. Even the stupidest person knows the difference between right and wrong.
A conspiracy theory could be made that Ms Ardern actually wants to destroy the economy. I find this theory far-fetched. I reject it for now.
There is only one other theory I can come up with, and it is my strongest one, I believe.
There are seven deadly sins, but one sin leads to all the others, so it is the deadliest of deadly sins.
This sin is of course foolish pride.
Perhaps the extreme lockdown continues because of foolish pride?
The Prime Minister cannot bring herself to admit that she got it all wrong…

    You are probably right. However I would not put it past her to want to destroy the economy and it is not that far fetched. revolutionaries know that massive disruption allows them good flexibility in managing the outcome. Expect communist like initiatives to “save the economy” and end up making it even worse. James shaw has already started.

    So you do not have an order in for the “Ashley Bloomfield ” T-shirt then I assume Cake Face ?

Roger in Rangoon May 3, 2020 at 9:55 am

If Jamie Lee can garner 500 souls to sign up to Advance NZ Fear , then it probably is a good thing that bottles of bleach have ” do not ingest ” written on them , ‘cos some folks just are that damned gullible that they’d believe the musings of an orange headed fart bag ….

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