I’ll tell you who the indisputable New Zealand Man of the Year is, indeed he’s the top contender for Man of the Decade.

His name is Steve Elers. He, believe it or not, is a Massey University academic and a month back began writing a weekly comment piece for our major newspaper chain Stuff. As an aside, publishing his comments is further testimony of the point I made recently about our newspapers expressing different viewpoints.

For example, Elers asked the question, doubtless crossing most New Zealanders minds but too afraid to mention, why was there a special coronavirus fund for Maori? Like I suspect everyone he found that patronising, more so as he’s Maori.

He writes well, his latest contribution not pulling its punches about Jacinda. He slams our journalists for their failure to investigate her outright misrepresentations and simply “regurgitating her plainly false assertions to the masses”.

He wrote; “We have one of the highest testing rates per capita in the world,” she asserted.

“Wrong. At the time we were 31st in the world for testing rates per capita. I don’t think 31st can be considered “one of the highest” in the world, unless, of course, we have turned into a society where we believe everyone a winner”.

In a sycophantic, easily bullied nation which New Zealand has always been, Steve Elers is a wonderful breath of fresh air, although given its form, Massey’s wokish administration will be outraged.

I look forward to his future commentaries.


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