Marvellous news. Following Simon Bridge’s attack, two of the parasite law firms are repaying the millions they took from taxpayers.

Now Bridges is piling into Ash Bloomfield, the ringmaster in the absurdly, over the top reaction to the virus by an out-of-its depth government.

The saviour mantle is slipping from Jacinda as more virus cases plus another death are reported.

But it’s time for a grown-up response, namely end the lockdown now and let those still with jobs get back to work.

Only a vaccine will terminate the virus and only the vulnerable (I’m one) need to be concerned and take precautions.

Mark my word. Watch the public mood change in political polling over the next few months as the public wake to the appalling mishandling of the virus issue.

So well done Simon Bridges for (finally) attacking the sheer mind-blowing stupidity of the government’s reaction to the coronavirus epidemic. It was an irresponsible cop-out without regard to wider considerations.


The despicable behaviour of the Health Department in blocking families from their dying members called out by the court is only exceeded by the refusal of their leadership to admit fault, correct and apologise. The Government’s pretence at being kind and empathetic is in tatters and this looks like the beginning of the end for them. What Minister of Health?

They claimed to be following the science when they weren’t and claimed to be following the law when they weren’t.

They won’t be forgiven.

Tyson Westbourne May 6, 2020 at 3:13 pm

Keep up the good work, Bob. Really enjoying your blog

Jacinda is indeed out of her depth. Though I think she might be starting to realise this now.

She’s been looking quite deeply stressed. I reckon she sees highly esteemed experts from overseas preaching often a very different line to Bloomfield, and is now asking if her little man really does know what’s best? Not to mention that total hell economic reality she has to somehow deal with. She might want to lose the next election more than anyone.

“But it’s time for a grown-up response, namely end the lockdown now and let those still with jobs get back to work.”

That is exactly right.

It was all an obvious HOAX anyway. See

markscreaminggoosearmstrong May 6, 2020 at 4:05 pm

One of the problem i have with Simon Bridges is the unfortunate way he speaks – I would be embarrassed to have him representing Godzone NZ in front of any international audience…

markscreaminggoosearmstrong May 6, 2020 at 4:13 pm

I note the RH Simon bridges chaired the Epidemic Response Committee. Can someone tell me, which recommendations from that committee were ignored and did they suggest the lock-down was not necessary?

    Still an apologist for Ms Ardern, I see.
    She is being completely exposed now, in all her ugliness. I predict she will start frantically kissing babies, and pulling even more silly faces, to try and recover the support that is falling fast.
    Dr Raymond Bloomfield has also been exposed. His inflexible Rain Man approach never even considered the economic crisis, and this is now being revealed as folly. Expect him to increase his rocking and repetitive answers, as the stress levels increase.
    You obviously hate Mr Bridges, but he looks like he could be the comeback kid. He is rising like Lazarus from the dead, landing telling blows on the Rain Man and the government.
    I expect the polls could make you very sad in a month or two…

      It’s the government’s job to balance economic and healthcare considerations. The PM and the Minister of Heath especially need to……ah sorry…… bad.

      Let’s not crucify Bloomfield, Damnit Jim he’s a doctor not an economist.

      Not so much Lazarus as the zombie is risen.
      Nats. have no show unless they promote Judith Collins.

      Yes you can only fake it for so long, even the brainwashed are starting to wake up to her now, sentiment out in talk back land has definitely gone in favour of ending this stupid lockdown NOW. I blind person can see we should be all back working, will someone tell Jokecinder that as she is the last one standing and their and the music has stopped!

      Crusher Collins (while a good Minister) has too much baggage and would bring absolute defeat to National in the next election placing her alongside the “empathetic” Jacinda Ardern. I think Bridges is the best on offer and he has been doing an excellent job rebutting the government in recent days.

    The lockdown would not have been necessary if the borders had been closed early and hard, instead of the population and the economy.

Yes generally agree Sir Bob, however why do I keep hearing that only a vaccine will save us? Yes this is being repeated like a mantra. I can sense the ghost of Dr Joseph Mengele. At best the Covid 19 vaccine will be an experiment and at worst a health disaster. You can’t poison the human body to robust health, you can’t trick it or use smoke and mirrors either. There will be consequences. The large majority of the human body’s immune system resides in the the gut as part of the microbiome. Guess what, vaccines bypass this system and wack the imprint of the virus straight into your muscle/blood stream. Very smart….or is it? You don’t get lasting immunity from vaccines, some people don’t get any significant immunity at all. Whats going to happen to them…….on the edge of the statistical curve? The vaccine will do three things. 1. Make billions of dollars for Bill Gates and others. 2. Take away peoples fear of contagion which has been falsely instilled into them. 3. End some peoples lives prematurely and cause disease in others….but know one will join the dots. The immune system is robust if you eat right, supplement right, get lots of sunshine on your Skin (Yes all you seniors) and avoid anything that depresses immune system activity. You think we’re in big trouble with Covid 19….just wait till the vaccine arrives. Can you hear the jackboots approaching?….I can

    Steinbass , you think Bill Gates needs the money ?
    You left out the fourth thing that the vaccine may do : It may work.

      gwha. Clearly gates doesn’t need the money. His motivation for rolling out of bed each morning has little to do with financial gain. Why is a software developer so involved in global health initiatives? Gates is the largest private funder of WHO. The government of this country takes much of its health directives from WHO recommendations. The funders with the deepest pockets get to determine policy direction……otherwise they’ll take their money elsewhere. I assume when you say that a (new)vaccine could work you are saying work without any negative consequences. That outcome would be miraculous.

      So you think Bill and Melinda Gates are forces of evil ?
      If you actually think that , I am wasting my time trying to refute it.
      Re. your point about a vaccine without negative consequences.
      Are you thinking along the lines of polio , measles , mumps etc ?
      Do you not think that without vaccines , the alternative of death is a fairly negative consequence ?

I’m waiting for Bridges to get stuck into ardern about the disgraceful racist behaviour in Northland. Would she look the other way if ‘ white’ residents in Tauranga set up a road block dressed in KKK regalia? She says she was not aware gangs were involved? Bullshit, the photographs have been on all of the media. Which says something at present with the way nearly all of them fawn over her. Aah yes, now I remember, she handed over $50m so they could survive..

Yes we must get back to work and ensure nothing like this ever happens again. The truth about COVID-19, which is unfolding from the mouths of doctors all over the world, supports a deeply upsetting picture of corruption and stupidity at the highest levels of our governments.

    And the most stupidity comes from the best leader in the world! Our good old Jacinder! Give me a break! You know the world is corrupt when they vote her the best!

      I don’t hold a candle for J.A. but do you not think we are missing something here.
      I have an analogy with regard to Jonah Lomu ?
      70% of NZers loved him, 30% NZers probably thought he was over rated , but 100% of Rugby lovers the world over loved him !

    Michael Kelly. Thanks for posting that Video. Important info there. It is going to be very interesting to see if truth will finally prevail. It is hard for people to remove the scales from their eyes.

My favourite line from today (thanks to Mike Hosking)
…what is turning out to be an economic catastrophe, masquerading as a health victory.

Quite right Bob, the only reason I’ve taken any interest in our so called media is to witness the beginning of the end of our woefully incompetent government……looks like the wait might be over.

For the record, Ms Ardern can stick her contact tracing Apps where the Sun doesn’t shine…

The shutdown is now all about political power. The power to keep people in their homes must be pretty intoxicating for an incompetent political party. It will be the power that they are in love with and can’t relinquish.

The people of New Zealand saw a threat and agreed to participate. The time to finish the hard shutdown was week 3 with some hard border controls in place. Border control cuts to the quick of big govt. So, now we have an engineered economic collapse managed by Kiwi-build competence. Pray for us.

    What interests me, and I believe that level 2 will be in place for at least 2 months, is the impact on electioneering coming up to September. The longer the Govt can keep people focussed on the “great” work they have done (with Covid), the less time there is for forthright and honest debate of the successes and failures of the last 3 years. It plays right into the hands of the Labour party. I foresee a landslide come September as the masses will still be feeling all warm and fuzzy about how well we have done keeping covid at bay

Todays paper has layoffs in Taieri train, shot over jet, nomad safari, export meat prices down, milk demand down. Those rosy Pravda stories won’t cut it. Economic carnage will be the reality.

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