We’re about to enter the greatest economic depression in our history. But make no mistake, it’s not been caused by the coronavirus but instead is entirely man-made, singularly attributable to cop-out mismanagement by the government.

From time to time we all face difficult decisions with no easy answers. Invariably they involve a trade-off or compromise. Anyone with any life comprehension knows that a lockout, such as has been and continues to be dictatorially inflicted by the government, would have devastating economic consequences. That said, I have the impression the government is only now, in the face of increasing criticism, waking to what they’ve done in pretending this was solely a health issue.

In making that decision they took an easy cop-out approach by simply aping other nations. But as I’ve explained before, the problems of Italy etc simply didn’t apply to New Zealand.

By the time this closure decision was made we were fully aware of who the virus hit, namely the elderly, mostly with underlying debilitation issues. We should have promoted the distance rule, issued face masks and concentrated on protecting the vulnerable.

Winter is about to hit us, and in particular the poorer sectors of society who will not be able to pay heating bills. Additionally, and unnecessarily a huge percentage of them will be unemployed.

Sickness, family violence, depression, suicides, crime and every other negative you can think of will dominate the news – all totally unnecessarily. This will be, to quote Shakespeare, our never to be forgotten winter of discontent.

And let’s get this clear. It wasn’t just the government at fault. The Opposition initially gave it 100% tacit support. But at last they’re on the attack about this appalling blunder, I suspect as a reaction to increasing anger from their supporters. Better late than never. The shift in the public mood is now clearly detectable, as is the evident edginess of the government.

A return now to normality and getting those still with jobs back to work, will not stop the inevitable depression but will at least diminish it. For thousands of small businesses it will be too late.

Ending this ill-considered economic closedown now will see a lift in virus cases. But again, with the exception of the elderly with underlying conditions, they’ll get over it. The evidence clearly shows many will scarcely notice.

Instead we’ve had the Prime Minister, showboating daily on our state television, this in an election year when such publicity is invaluable. That amounted to an abuse of democracy. In so doing she created a climate of fear with her utterly unnecessary daily “updates” while simultaneously enforcing a dictatorial Police state on a servile public. But the tide is detectably turning.

Political support is notoriously fickle. The queues outside fried fat dispensers serving the tattooed classes last week, were I’d guess, probably mostly conventional Labour voters. I would not like to place reliance on their support if I was a politician.

And notwithstanding the extremeness of the New Zealand lockdown, we’ve not performed as exceptionally as has initially been publicised. Thailand for example, with 14 times our population has a death toll from the virus of just over twice ours. I could cite many other cases.

A month back when Jacinda was being feted as our Joan of Arc I was scoffed at for predicting an outbreak of revisionism in the months leading up to the election. I was wrong. In fact it started the next day and has gathered momentum ever since. Now it’s a daily occurrence everywhere and governments are beginning hasty retreats. But in New Zealand, ignoring the hole they’ve dug themselves, the government has mindlessly kept digging.

Literally everyone I know is furious about what has happened and the damage it has done. And I’m told MPs are now receiving angry mail from constituents.

History, as so often will repeat itself and in that respect I’d point out that after a brief place in the sun, Joan of Arc ended up being burnt at the stake. Metaphorically that will be Jacinda’s fate come election time.


Bob can be, and should be, forgiven not including remarks about the pending depression about to hit the US. Over time IQ moves from the more fluid type of the young physical particularities of youth to crytalising in later life but this doesn’t preclude later learning. If this comments are for New Zealanders ears only, all well and good. But coming over the horizon is what’s about to take place in the US – . Whether we, those who call the shots, make a good job of it nor not, in the course of events we’d get hit by the depression tsunami coming in from the West and East coasts of North America.

And, pray tell, what follows on from a great depression: a great war and a great realigning of power?

    I forgot to add, on account of mind crystalisation, disease epidemics. Somewhere between great wars and economic catastrophes pandemics come a knocking.

      What has the IQ drivel got to do with anything?
      You are right though in terms of whatever happens in North America just matters more for the whole world.

ferrari12345hotmailcom May 8, 2020 at 1:50 pm

Our lovely cindy has copied and pasted what her Democratic Party masters are doing to America to make Trump look bad ahead of the election by destroying the economy. Now, just like the ‘climate emergency’, this whole ‘covert’ 19 is being debunked by experts, one after the next, and like you say, cindy and her band of equally dumb kolishun guvmint are digging the hole deeper. Stupid is as stupid does

With the ‘flowery’ reporting in the news media, especially tv, none of the REAL issues are being addressed. Talk to the medical industry who advise two major issues. The hospitals are empty and more predicted to die from delayed surgery than those deaths from Covid.
And there is already a massive rise in suicides, many young men, who cannot cope with the present situation nor the prospect for their and their family’s future.
This is only the beginning of the massive slippery slope into oblivion and poverty for many.
Not to mention the incompetent tourism minister on tv last night with Paul Henry who had no words or idea where he was or what he was talking about.
We are not in good hands with this lot.
Move on from the ‘lives’ part of the problem, to restoring ‘livelihoods’.

The real issue that everybody has missed is….
1. Ardern is 100% guilty of following the one rule on how to deal to a threat to your country. This rule gas been used for wars and diseases in the past and was ignored.
“As soon as there is a threat to your country immediately close your borders and sort the crap out later (eg -quarantine setup for returning kiwis)”

Cindy initially quarantined the first Chinese Flight then panicked and opened the borders to returning kiwis with no quarantine plan.. thus the disease entered NZ.

That’s why we went into lock down.

That why our economy is shot!

Ardern blinked firsts and pandered to ” we can’t leave kiwis stateless”…

What crap. She could have quarantined.

    As someone who would have been left stateless had the border closed to NZers I think it was a ludicrous policy suggestion (that the same policy wonks are still deciding the fate of the country hardly fills me with confidence). But there were other ways of tightening the borders. And international evidence suggests this would have allowed us to avoid such a strict lockdown.

Quite correct.

What happened is not by accident or some devine providence;
no this is a calculated and callous maneuver by all governments involved to implement the UN’s agenda 2030!
This scam has been plotted for a very long time, first with the CO2 scam to implement this new utopian society on the back of totally faked & falsified data.
When this proved to be too slow and people started to wake up to this ridiculous scam, they brought out their plan B with the ‘medical emergency’; the plandemic with a genetically engineered virus which was designed to be highly contagious, lethal and difficult to treat with HIV sequences inserted to give it maximum killing power!
However they didn’t exactly achieve their diabolical aim but was released with the aim of killing as many people as possible and accelerate their agenda towards their stated utopian world.
The economic shutdown, as part of the plot, is designed to destroy people’s livelihood and make them dependent on nanny state.
It is their slash and burn approach, ORDO AB CHAO; destroy and then rebuild their utopian society of ‘sustainability, total control & surveillance’ and only a handful of the 7.6 Billion surviving, all planned and plotted for eons.
The politicians are well aware of such diabolical chicanery and machinations and thus are wittingly complicit in these crimes against the productive people of NZ!
As such, they’ve lost any legitimacy and must be removed from power and tried for their crimes.
This may all sound like some crazed conspiracy theory, but dig deeper and it becomes clear that such eugenicist and genocidal conspiracies have been peddled by the psychopaths in high places pulling the strings for a very long time!
All the evidence you need to know:

You’re so right about the NZ government keeping on digging in the face of all the evidence that they should be backtracking and apologizing for getting this so wrong. They are expecting the echo-chamber adulation to continue forever, and we are now starting to see the nasty side coming out as anyone dares to say the emperor has no clothes.

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