Good Lord: A child dead of the Virus – Well, not quite.

“Mum, Dad and daughter die of virus within a fortnight; proclaimed Britain’s Metro News. The “daughter” part seemed improbable. Sure enough, Mum and Dad turned out to be in their 80s and daughter 62 and obese. So she was just in the danger age zone but the obesity factor shifted the balance against her.



Still sad


Still very sad, but Boris is ok of course


Alastair Gustafson May 8, 2020 at 9:59 am

To quote Cameron Slater of Whaleoil fame: “Surprise! “Fact Checker” Fudges Virus Data: As I’ve said many times, there are a few hard and fast rules for dealing with the mainstream media. First, never believe a headline. Second, when an article claims, “science says…” or “new study shows…”, automatically assume that it doesn’t. Third and most important of all, always, always, assume that “fact-checkers” are trying to bullshit … . “


Come on Bob, you wouldn’t expect the British media to be any less embellishing than our unruly lot?? I mean where would we be if it weren’t for a little embellishment here and there…..oh yeah not in lock down for fear of our lives!! Still can’t believe we gave the ‘media’ 50m of tax payer money to keep feeding us lies and deceit. Death taxes and Ardern


Exactly Bob! – Have you seen the explosive interview with Attorney – Robert Kennedy Jr on talking about the agenda of covid19? I’m sick of the statistics being hugely distorted by adding people who died WITH Covid rather than OF Covid – The real stats show it’s as deadly as a virulent flu, i.e. nothing that good nutrition and a healthy immune system wont beat, so why is this Govt pushing a vaccine as the option?? Robert Kennedy Jr is well worth watching on this, he says Big Pharma control the media in the US, and they make a fortune from vaccines as they have indemnity against prosecution, he says that you simply cannot make a safe vaccine for a coronavirus, and past attempts have shown that when vaccinated people are exposed to the real ‘wild’ virus out in the community they have a huge inflammatory /sometimes deadly reaction! Robert Kennedy Jr’s is interviewed by Patrick Bet David on youtube. If this has been removed by youtube (which has happened to many recently) then he’s also interviewed on (but this interview isn’t as thorough). Please watch it Bob – This needs to get out before this Govt forces a dodgy vaccine on NZers. You are a ‘mover & a shaker’ with a following!
ps – Dr Simon Thornley & the Plan B group seem to be having trouble being heard in this matter.


Haha…that’s how propaganda largely works. News outlets know full well that 90% of people only read the headline. And only ~70% who do read the article get to the bottom of it, where the article gives you the ‘other details’ that tell you it was all a sensationalist waste of reading time. As too often it is.

Moral of the story: Ignore all headlines unless you’re prepared to get to the bottom of the page.

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Surely it’s not all about scoring points or being proven right ?
Isn’t there some room for compassion and empathy ?

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