THE BEST: By a country mile, Al Jazeera. It alone presents full international news. A Zambian or Honduras Presidential election result will be advised, even if in an announcement running along the bottom of the screen. An added bonus is their flock of stunning female news presenters.

THE WORST – Easy. The BBC. Every brief news item is preceded by a ludicrous tiresome picture of an evolving globe.

At about 10 minute interviews, they cut to a pointless lengthy world weather report, as if anyone gives a damn about the temperature in Ethiopia or Mongolia. It’s a truly bad news channel.

CNN: Its main attraction is the amusing relentless Trump bashing.

Its worst feature are the lengthy portrayals of the wonderfulness of their news-readers.

FOX: America’s most popular news channel doesn’t deserve the bashing it cops. Sure it has some fanatical “Trump is God” presenters, notably the ghastly Hannity.

But off-setting that are some quality interviews and balanced hosts who pursue matters in depth.

SKY: A mixed bag. Good on UK news for half the day but its Australian 12 hours is ludicrously right wing and tiresomely repetitious.

RUSSIAN TV: Quirky but carries excellent interviews.


agree 100% BBC is shite

ewhitebancorptreasurycom May 8, 2020 at 11:04 am

agree the BBC is shite

Agreed on Al Jazeera. Great channel and definitely better that watching either breakfast show

Good article, butdon’t agree that Fox doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets. It certainly does in my opinion – and even more.

Watching TV is a waste of time. I feel sorry anyone who gives credence to the legacy media and their sound bite format.

Does anyone remember Kiwi journalist Anita McNaught – didn’t she work with Al Jazeera? What ever happened to her?

    Anita McNaught, a British reporter did work in
    NZ for some years. Currently there are three NZ presenters who can be seen on Al Jazeera. they are Wayne Hay, Alexi O’Brien and Charlotte Bellis.

    Yes. My late Dad thought Anita was rather easy on the eye, which was true. She came her from the UK I seem to recall…

Totally agree about Al Jazeera ,for the last 5 years have enjoyed their balanced reporting from both sides of the issues covered and dont seemed to be captured by the Celebrity or Infotainment Viruses

Here is something you will not hear about through the media, even Al Jazeera.

There is another very interesting Covid-19 virus from Wuhan China.

It is called hCoV-19/Wuhan/HBCDC-HB-04/2019 and has GISAID id EPI_ISL_412900.

It is defined by its differences from the standard Wuhan genome which are:

G765C A2215C T4608A T4747C C4763G T6006C T6820C A6837C T6976A T6978A T6980C G6986C T6988A C7006A T9316A G9324A T9324A G9648C G9653C .9825T A9826C T9831C T9861G T21656G A24325G G28597C

It is interesting because it is from Wuhan, because it was acquired on the 30th December 2019, because its Divergence = 26, and because nextstrain.org has not bothered to display it.

So, at the very beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic there was, at Wuhan, a strain of Covid-19 that differed from the standard Wuhan genome by 26 mutations. Now that is super-super-fast evolution.


Deep down we all know that Trump is God. We just need to stop fighting it.

    The only person that thinks Trump is GOD is Trump.
    Hence his theory that he is being treated more harshly than Jesus.

Simple, Fox has some balance…..CNN has no balance, amusing pack of self back slappers

    The fox debate was the one that put the hardest question to Trump, ie Chris Wallace asking if Trump would accept the result of the election.
    While I don’t agree with Chris Wallace about all things, he is far more intelligent that the commentators on the other channels.
    Also can someone remind me who did not accept the result of the election?

      Historian Doug Wead said that early on in election night, when Hillary was ahead, Trump was quietly writing his ‘acceptance of defeat’ speech when his kids suddenly burst into the room and told him something like, ‘Dad you better come and have a look at this.’

Roy Edwards-Truth Seeker May 8, 2020 at 4:01 pm

We will agree to disagree on Aljazerah. It is another click bait driven media channel.

Balanced reporting? Dont know where you get that idea.
It regurgitates news from places like BBC without critical analysis.
Blacks 4 times more likely to die from Covid 19.
Go look at the actual research, that is NOT what the research actually says.

The article on Belarus.
Full of innuendo. ie One of Europes Highest infection rates?? 10 major countries have higher rates including UK, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerlland aall using lockdown strategies.
All the people quoted are pro lockdown apologists.
What about balance?
No sorry. Not here. This is a good attack piece.

Well Mr Atkin the Donald must have read that superb epistle titled “The subtle art of not giving a F#ck”authored by Mark Manson and obviously the luvies don’t get this

If it’s found out that the lockdown was illegal, and Dr Raymond Bloomfield et al knew that it was illegal and went ahead anyway – then he (and any others involved) should be sent to prison.

Thanks Bob

We’ve found CNBC from 10pm-2am (squawk box) has been excellent. It has a business slant but also a lot of general news. Scott Gotlieb, the ex FDA commissioner, is on most days and his slot is very interesting as he has the latest updates on the health side of things. Also we are trading online in the US market, great opportunity with all the money printing going on. Jim Cramer’s show is also great.

Funnily enough tv3’s AM show with Garner and Richardson has also been good. I record and fast forward to the 7-7.30am interviews.

I have just read the leaked documents.
Is there any reason Ms Ardern should not be sentenced to prison?

The BBC has no credibility in the UK. Highly left biased, the organisation’s base source is The Guardian, the UK’s least read newspaper. Fox News makes a good attempt at redressing balance – clearly too heavily to the right sometimes but a source of fact v fiction from CNN.
You can’t fullt trust Al Jarreza as much as they appear neutral. Often RT is more balanced. Remember, its all editorial promoted, never presenter driven. Look to the root for the political cause.

Being a subscriber to Sky UK, living in France, I have only one objection to the views expressed, Sky NEWS is as bad as the BBC at being a slave to one political viewpoint and having a number of presenters who seem to believe they are the alternative government.

You haven’t rated TVNZ ?

Agree that BBC is atrocious. Dull and whining, forever pointing out the problem, while dropping hints that only Orwellian-style socialism is the solution. Long given away any pretence of neutrality, they hated Brexit with a vengeance. Like all government television and radio stations, especially our own 100% Jacinda-supplicant TV One and Radio NZ, they should all be sold of.

CNN is probably even worse. They are little more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. For example, their presenters are angry and bitter that General Flynn (a Trump appointee) is to be exonerated. The fact that the man is completely innocent, and for four years was hounded, destroyed, imprisoned and almost bankrupted by corrupt anti-Trump FBI agents, doesn’t seem to matter to them. It is hard to know what the C stands for: Clinton? China? Communist? Clown? Take your pick.

Fox News is not without fault, however they are the closest you will get to honest news reporting in America.

And Sky News Australia can’t stand our Jacinda. How dare they!

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