Spare a thought for the Swedish saviour Greta, who I imagine now cries herself to sleep each night.

She’s another coronavirus victim, going in a few months from Second Coming status to utter irrelevancy.

There’s a lesson there I suspect Jacinda will experience.

Such is the unpredictability in life.


ewhitebancorptreasurycom May 11, 2020 at 12:12 pm

The thing that will probably save Jacinda is the quality of the opposition .. Probably one the worst front benches in National’s history ..and they have had a few shockers .. maybe time to dust off the 1983 NZ party !!

Yes this is looking more and more likely and I do wonder whether poor old Ashley will hear the wheels of the bus as she try’s to repackage the evolving changing narrative to her advantage

Hop Bob you’re right If it takes the virus to bring down this illegitimate government, ,then it may have been worth it,, rather than another term in government

Summed up nicely .

Not only Saint Greta (peace be upon her), but the entire Church of Climatology congregation as they drink the waters of wormwood. I see great wrath, tears of impotence, & gnashing of teeth at the parish of the Latter Day Goremons, as fire & brimstone rains down upon their fake doomsday cult, & the stench of sulphur permeates throughout their bank accounts. The holy eco-crucifix tithes (i.e. subsidies) will vanish & the church shall be smitten. Repent for the day of reckoning is at hand, the great Gorylon and his scarlet whore have fallen – yaess, praise the profits no more, verily!! The faithful will try to resurrect the church but will be as welcome as the devil at prayers.

That made my day.

The public’s love of Stars is eternally skin deep, as shown by our capacity for effortless promiscuity. We forget so absolutely and easily – thankfully, too.

Greta suspected she had contracted the virus as soon as her headline status was waning however she must have survived unless she is so insignificant now no one cares.

How dare you!

I’m afraid to tell you that Greta will only be in hibernation. One thing this global lockdown has reinforced is the extent to which humans, obviously, affect the environment and how, if we alter our behaviour, it could be improved.

Biding her time I would suggest.

“I [she] “will be back”.

Yes poor Greta , even when she announced she had contracted the virus, nobody gave a rats . I wonder if emaculate conception is next.

Hardly worth commenting on.
The whole world is just a vast revolving door !
The only constant you need aspire to , is to be true to yourself .

It’s a big boat of blamer’s who will be weeping with Greta. Her famous boat was one of Rothschild’s, so maybe she’ll be OK.

Well, I think that each of the two young women mentioned in your column Sir Bob had the same disadvantage from birth. But I’m probably not allowed to say that.
Remember the old saying, possibly of German origin–The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree.

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