Thanks to the Prime Minister’s memory lapse currently half of our easily bullied population, incapable of making decisions for themselves, have been left in a terrible quandary. Why?

Because Jacinda forgot to tell them whether they still have to be kind to one another. Without those riding instructions the poor buggers will be left mute.


Haha, that is good ________________________________

The ref told me she said it when she addressed the ‘Team of 5 Million’ at half time. The second half looks to be a blood bath.

While the Herald reads like a package of Beehive press releases.

As I get older, I think psychology interests me more, and I realise how little I understand the subject. Motivations intrigue me.
Muhammed Ali famously said:
“If I were a garbage man, I’d be the world’s greatest garbage man. I’d pick up more garbage and faster than anyone has ever seen. To tell you the truth, I would have been the greatest at whatever I’d done.”
I get it. Purpose is crucial. Maybe I could retire now (or years ago), but I wouldn’t even contemplate it.
If you’ve made the decision to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Your self esteem massively impacts your life expectancy, not to mention your life satisfaction.
So, let’s discuss journalism in NZ.
Obviously, the mainstream media is now little more than a propaganda arm of the government. Fine.
I’m particularly fascinated by this fact on a human level.
Imagine the journalist father (or mother if you prefer) gets home from a hard day’s work writing sycophantic drivel about the government, and is greeted by their partner. Would the conversation go something like this?
“How was your day, dear?”.
“I had a great day. Today I wrote a superbly obsequious article about Ms Ardern. I pointed out how she discovered the wheel. Then I really started to grovel. I mentioned that the Sun only comes up in NZ, because of our great leader. It was my most fawning, subservient piece I written so far – I think it was my masterpiece.”
“Oh, that’s great dear. You should be very proud of yourself”.
If this conversation isn’t happening, why not?
Is the propaganda hack trying to pretend to be a “real” journalist to his family and friends?
Or do they simply confess that their job is to write ingratiating drivel about the government?
And how can this be a satisfying way to live? Why do it? Is it just for the money? Of course, journalists are paid a pittance, so it can’t be this reason, can it?
Or maybe they are all like religious zealots, and everyone attracted to “journalism” likes the same cult?
I would like one of the “journalists” to explain it to me, because I really don’t understand it…
It seems like an entire profession has no sense of self-respect.
Why are they like this?

    I presume they are like that because they realise their only future
    In journalism is as a PR hack for a government official or department.

      You people are living in the past.
      True investigative journalism is a dying art form.
      It is no longer a calling but just a job or profession to earn a paycheck.
      Hence the clickbait postings and requests for “likes” and “follows”.
      The audience dictates the message.
      It’s a sad indictment of what we have have become as a society.
      When you get angry and shake your fist , you are in an ineffectual minority.
      The only person that benefits from a “letter to the Editor ” is you.

    Most of these lovestruck journos are relatively young and still idealistic. Few of them have business experience or knowledge of how the economy works. “National is evil and Labour is good.” Labour wants to print money, tax the rich and spend it on everyone. What more could be better? Jacinda is a modern-day Joan of Arc trying to do good. Only through life experience and studying history will they actually realise that 7th form socialist idealism doesn’t cut it in the real world. It always ends in tears.

Frederick Williscroft May 12, 2020 at 10:11 pm

And One News! Watching that every night is like watching those patriotic film reels from WWII

    Or China (today) … except, perhaps, we don’t appear to have many (any?) amongst our largely compliant, complacent population who are prepared to take to the streets and rattle a few cages.

We don’t have to be told twice.

Help, please help. I’m now back in the States. but I’m still getting those messages from her on my phone…

markscreaminggoosearmstrong May 13, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Oh stop playing dumb with us Sir Robert. The answer is obvious – Jacinda has already, without much effort, sold her plea for kindness to all in the world who are not filled with hatred.

Although anyone with half a brain must already know that being kind to all living things is the only sensible way for an intelligent and dominant species to live.

    ferrari12345hotmailcom May 13, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    What happened to kindness and compassion when the laws were made by the slime in the beehive allowing babies to be murdered even after birth, or the old people who the kids can have bumped off to get their hard earned money

Sir Bob is right. Without central planning telling us what to do, it won’t happen

It is becoming evident that “being kind” in this context is an illusion of a mind not grounded in harsh reality. The people grounded in harsh reality get accused of being “unkind” by the soft-heads, but ironically their approach would result in cruelty to a lower overall number of people. A lack of grounding in harsh reality, is evident in the first place, in the same group of people’s utter economic illiteracy.

Even in countries where the death rates from COVID-19 are in the thousands, and the choice was alleged to be between that and tens of thousands (which was a lie all along), there are debates now happening about “overall mortality” and whether lockdown policies will end up killing more people than COVID-19. The vulnerable who are likely to die of COVID-19 are just as likely, or more so, to die of factors consequent on lockdown; such as the loneliness; the lack of daily activity and consequent loss of function; the reduction of medical attention for potentially deadly symptoms other than those of COVID-19; and so on.

And when it comes to the aggregate net cruelty over kindness, there is no contest when the impact of lockdown on everybody, which will play out over years, is taken into account. Sickeningly, the less costly measures taken by a populace that has been rendered “alert” are proven now to have gained the necessary slowing in rate of infections, making lockdowns a redundant imposition. The cost of them isn’t even excusable as a “Pyrrhic victory”. The victory was obtainable at moderate cost all along.

But I haven’t even taken the above discussion into the NZ context. I was talking about nations where death rates are temporarily around double the normal flu season death rate. NZ in summertime and autumn was never going to have thousands of deaths and we should be demanding the heads of the computer-modelling charlatans, not grovelling in worship at their feet. We have incurred all the costs of lockdown incurred by countries that experienced a noticeable level of mortality from the specific threat; but in our case that cost has been incurred over a level of mortality that no-one would have even remembered, such as the 37 swine flu deaths in 2009. Certainly not in the context of around 3000 of our old people dying in the course of the year anyway.

Only in the deluded and ungrounded minds of the self-styled “kind”, was this the “kind” course of action.

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