The Dominion Post reports a woman with the fine old maori name of Kim Skelton, resigned as a trustee and chair of a maori trust.

In her resignation letter she wrote, “Hate, personal vendettas, threatening and self-serving behaviour have no place at the governance table. For these reasons I am compelled to resign.”

Well Kim, you could try some counselling and listening to Jacinda’s be kind message to correct your admitted poor behaviour.

Alternatively, you could be more careful in drafting letters to avoid such screaming own goals.


You cannot vaccinate for stupidity as far as I’m aware ,and perhaps some accredited accounting practice was called for and that precipitated all this

It’s noticeable that those forever accusing others of being haters, seem to display the most relentless hate themselves. But of course the hater doesn’t know they’re full of hate; in their minds they just see evil and injustice all around them, with their heroic reactions being perfectly justified.

Bob , you are brilliant.
You need a much wider audience

This is about the level of mentality a good number of the descendants of the early New Zealanders have, unfortunately. Colonialization and intermarriage – read sex with Whitey – rescued the rest of them. And a good Western style education.

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