A week back a sign reading, “All Lives Matter” appeared on a Masterton Catholic church noticeboard.

A timely message I thought, presuming it referred to abortion, but regardless, surely epitomising the salient Christian message.

Alas, not so. Rather the Church’s ballgown-clad Archbishop and a Cardinal to boot, a John Dew, condemned the sign, and by some convoluted logic which certainly epitomises his outfit’s practices, described it as a “political provocation”.

“A Church should be a safe place where everyone feels welcome,” he said, albeit “all” apparently doesn’t mean “everyone” in his eyes. He described the sign as “politicised that some could find unwelcoming and offensive”.

This is Orwellian double-speak insanity. All lives matter a “political statement and offensive”. It’s madness.

Needless to say the Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon piped up with typical nonsense his agency is renown for.

“It would be provocative to post “All Lives Matter” on a public noticeboard,” he asserted. “The statement is politically loaded and has been used to justify ignoring racial disparities, such as the over representation of African American communities to police shootings,” he added.

Really! “All lives” surely means all lives, including blacks, but according to Meng, seemingly the only lives which matter are America’s blacks.

A few years ago I had one of Wellington’s most prominent waterfront buildings, Harbour Tower, which I own, re-painted. It was black and I changed it to white at a cost of $200,000.

I did that to enhance its prominence and thus today from the air, when arriving or leaving the airport, it’s now the most conspicuous waterfront building. White magnifies size, black diminishes it which is why fat girls, rather than eating less and exercising more, bowl about in black.

Doubtless Meng would find that building’s colour change racially offensive, politically loaded and an attack on American blacks. I’ll make his day and say now that’s exactly what I had in mind.


There is always a message on that board normally changed weekly. During the lockdown one message stayed there.

Since the “All Lives Matter” message was removed no new message has been put up, maybe they don’t like being censored.

You know Bob, if Black protestors claimed that you changing your building to white was a racist move, you would have to change it back again. In this world, black (or brown) people have discretionary power to define what is and is not racist. They make the rules.

It’s like an all-powerful laser beam they’ve got, that they can point and destroy anyone with, anytime. We all need to be afraid now.

“All LIves matter” I would tink encapsulates a fundamental Stoic tenant of Christian tenant of doctrine, -Catholicity- universality, kosmopolitiea, Children of God, The family of Mankind. Cardinal Dew is in good company with the Archbishop of Canterbury who has been flogging himself over his skin pigmentation. In a word Apostasy. The Church has by abandoning core doctrine for Cultural Marxism will unravel further into meaninglessness and is lost. Bishop Gavin Ashenden and Jordan Peterson have already pointed this out.

It seems they merely left off the end of the statement ….. but some lives matter more than others.

Nice to see you making a very reasonable comment about Christianity. The raison d’etre for Christianity is that definitively “All Lives Matter”. All life is sacred, including the unborn. So much so that Christ died for all – every single race, colour and sex. Bishops and cardinals in the established churches have long abrogated their responsibility to true believers. We don’t follow them anymore.

Black lives only matter when shot by the police.
Seven dead, 46 injured: One Chicago weekend https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3ct0t2t

Hahaha you need courage these days to say what’s right,.. likewise not too many orb like beach ball body types wear horizontal stripes.
Being in Bob’s words a god botherer myself I am deeply offended by the gutless tripe spouted by the mincing fools who have somehow been promoted closer to the angels. But I will forgive.

Black lives matter least of all to blacks since they kill each other most often. Fixing that would be doing something useful.

The words of a logical thinker Bob .

Surely most persons would not think it a good idea to run from a armed Policeman pointing a stolen Taza !

I recently found myself listening to ZB talk back in which a bloke was declaring to be victim of racial attack , after waiting for him to get to the point where the racism took place, the 10 minutes of giberjaba was finished with nothing more in evidence than he had bought a section in an affluent neighborhood and plonked a caravan on it to live in and because some of the residence had complained to the council that it doesn’t meet caveats for dwellings in the area this it was obviously an attack on his Maori ethnicity, further the mindless DJ then endorsed his delusional dot connecting racist

That was the end of ZB for me until Mike Hoskings is on next where I hope he will verbally interrogate a socialist who’s brilliant idea to inspire people to work was to take all there money and give it to the non working so they too can go to Queenstown to party thus saving the tourism industry which was the industry to replace all industry .

Don’t get outraged by the outrage!

The magic talk focus on the ‘black lives matter’ and the ‘offence taken by statutes’ movement in NZ prompted many upset callers. The Black lives matter and statute removal program is designed to create outrage but getting upset helps no-one!

Instead of getting outraged at a symptom, why not put your energy into solving the real problem in NZ – low incomes and poverty – which are about to get a lot worse as a result of the Labour Party’s ‘economically devastating’ covid response?

For all you science geeks out there here is a simple experiment we can all do in the Safety and privacy of our own homes. Do not let your boss or coworkers see you do this. Do not do this in front of your computer with the webcam activated.
Experiment: Defining Surface Colour of the Skin in Humans and the Search for Black and White.
1. Take one sheet of standard white A4 paper from your printer.
2. Place on a flat surface such as a desk or table
3. Face the table and ensure the paper is on your left hand side
4. Place your right hand palm down on the table directly next to the sheet of paper
5. Close your eyes and count to ten
6. Open your eyes with your head tilted downwards so that when your eyes open you will be observing the paper sheet and your right hand simultaneously
7. Using your existing knowledge of colour definition move your eyes slowly from the left to the right and back again, scanning the visual field occupied by the paper sheet and your right hand and mentally record your observations
8. Ask yourself this question. Is My hand white or black with respect to the paper sheet?

The answer I got from this experiment was brown. Never met a white or black person in my life. The difference between the “tribes” is not skin colour, it’s culture…or belief, politics, religion, food, degree of conservatism, degree of liberalism, historical location where your tribe is located or behavioral impacts of climate, cold country , hot country, the impact of academia and media on behavior and choices etc. All these things and more drive differences between the tribes and when all these differences are pushed together clearly there will be inevitable clashes of ideology. Racial tension is not about skin colour but we are constantly being told that it is. So, brown lives do matter and if you have red hair and very light skin that includes you, and if you have black hair and very dark skin that includes you.

You mean the same Meng Foon who is still MIA on the “preferential elective surgery Places” given to persons of colour by our most prominent DHB’s?

Suggestion of common Surf:
…is it possible mother natures decided the world needs a slightly stronger Covid or will she let us disappear up our own back-sides ?

…how dare you suggest such a thing…mother nature is sexist and showing un-conscious racial bias as you’ve not given us the ethnic translation of your suggestion….you scum.
Call in the Stasi ; sort this non-conformer.

You may quote me on this :
” I have a lot of respect for Meng Foon “

Doubleplus ungood…
Mind you churches have long been peddling guilt of one form or another.

Doubleplus ungood…
Mind you churches have long been peddling guilt of one form or another. Why not take the line that all lives matter, just some matter more than others? Plenty of practice in splitting hairs over the ages.

It is time for the Sunday sermon of CAKE FACE.
The Black Lives Matter protests did a huge favour to the world, because they destroyed any semblance of lockdown in many countries. It was time.
CAKE FACE predicts that by our election time, virtually the entire world will have opened their borders, except New Zealand. Europe is opening now. The Americas and Asia will follow. The world will learn to live with this nasty flu.
Unfortunately, our Ronald McDonald doppelganger is so invested in a hysterical madness, foolish pride will stop her opening the borders in NZ, while the rest of the world moves on.
We, alone, will continue to be prisoners, trapped in our little island prison.
I used to post on Stuff comments, exhorting the hacks to ask the Ronald McDonald doppelganger what her exit strategy was, in the propaganda shows she ran. They never did.
The government has no exit strategy, except a wish for a magic and perfect vaccine, that may take years or even decades to develop and test.
When all the dust settles, NZ will have dealt with the crisis the worst in the world. The nasty flu will still inevitably come here, but we will have vandalised our economy for far longer and more savagely than anyone else.
I predicted this in the first week of the crisis, and now I’m feeling omnipresent.
I’ve stated the above to all my friends and family, and persuaded none of them. They agree that a perfect vaccine or antiviral is unlikely for years, but they still want to keep the borders shut. For some of them, I think this is self-interest speaking. They are at an age where the nasty flu could be deadly, and the economic effects don’t really impact them greatly. It is the young who will again bear the costs of boomer selfishness. Others simply don’t appear to have thought about it. They believed the scientists who said a perfect vaccine should be available in 12 months, despite history indicating it may well take years longer.
To have no exit strategy for the foreseeable future is to me negligent and irrational.
Unfortunately, the Ronald McDonald doppelganger in charge of this country is an exceptionally feeble minded and weak character. Paradoxically, weak people often act in an arrogant and aggressive way, in order to puff themselves up, and appear strong. When New Zealand switched from the mitigation strategy to the elimination strategy, it did so on the basis of extraordinary levels of conceit and hubris. The Ronald McDonald doppelganger won’t admit that she got it all wrong – she is too full of foolish pride for that.
Woe is me!

CAKE FACE returns, for a second Sunday sermon!
This time, I wish to discuss the topic of eco-fascism.
This topic may seem arcane and quaint, given that we are in the midst of another Great Depression, which should see global warming disappearing almost as fast as jobs at your local tourist operator.
Nonetheless, in the system of MMP, the tail wags the dog. It is always possible that this tail could be provided by the extreme lefty Greens. It is therefore worth a sermon.
First a note on terminology. Although the environmental extremists are described as eco-fascists, because of their hatred of democratic processes (“How dare you!”), it should be noted that their policies have more in common with Communist regimes. The Greens proudly occupy the far left of the political spectrum.
Of course, the Nazis although technically fascists were named the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. It is probable that the Nazis would approve of many of the eco-fascists’ policies, although of course there are differences. For a start, the Nazis dressed snappily in their Hugo Boss attire, whilst the eco-fascist uniform of ridiculous beard, sandals, white socks and woolly cardigan is arguably less aesthetically pleasing.
Irrespectively, the Green manifesto seeks a return to self-sufficiency with people foraging with their bare hands like grunting sub-humans for morsels of turnips in their back garden. Of course, this policy is almost identical to Pol Pot’s Year Zero. Everyone would be equal in a society where all things were the possession of the state and no individual owned anything. “Zero for him, zero for you – that is communism” is also incidentally Green policy.
All well and good, you may say. And so it is. But there is something curious about all of this.
As a person who has travelled a bit through environmental hellholes, I have noticed a pattern.
Finland had a great environment. Estonia, very nearby, with much the same people, had one of the worst environmental records in the world. Austria was good. The Czech Republic nearby was very bad. China was horrendous. Russia was stupendously awful.
Maybe you are seeing the pattern. One third of the world was pre-1989 ruled by communists. These remain the worst environmental basket cases in the world.
The USA, which is about the worst major Western democratic capitalist country in terms of the environment, is still fantastic compared to any former communist nation.
It seems to me that if you cared about the environment, the one thing that you would want to ensure above all else is that you weren’t a left-wing party, because the correlation between socialism and a terrible environment is virtually 100%.
Yet the Greens are the most left-wing party in NZ???
I suppose it all goes back to the idea that socialists always believe that “this time it will be different”. You show them the results of every socialist experiment in history, and they just say their utopia won’t have these problems.
We live in a world where rationality has been suspended for the foreseeable future. That isn’t going to turn out well…

The Cardinal is a disgrace. He was presiding over the closing of churches long before Covid-19 struck.
It’s terribly hard on the good priests watching their colleagues propagandised. One with a very small brain was playing Greta Thunberg’s ranting over the pulpit.
Congratulations on painting that building white. We are destroying our natural landscape with black buildings, black roofs, black clothes… A growing black pall all over the country. Yet black is traditionally used to signify death, and tragedy, so I expect it’s fairly appropriate about what’s happening to this country.
We can make a stand – boycott black buildings and don’t wear black…And say so.

A world, where popular belief is taken as truth. All about political correctness. You simply cannot offend anyone anymore. The history books need burning and rewriting! Yes, “Uncle Ben’s” is changing its name, because of a black man on the logo.
Yes, state the obvious, BLM, though white, yellow, brown, green, blue coloured people’s lives also matter. So, Meng should address the racial connotation of NZs propensity to use the word “black” or “white”, as in All , Tall, Fern, Stick, Socks. Surely, the word “black” now simply refers to someone of African ethnicity. As “white” I guess now refers to those of European ethnicity.
So defining a national sports team by either of these two colours, some could find unwelcoming and or offensive? Best Meng and his team (of 5million) gets to work fixing this inequality.

People are waking up to the fact that governments do not represent the people anymore, because they have signed up to the Marxist UN Agenda 21.

Well, speaking as a white American, I am here to report that “all lives matter” is used by the Fox News crowd to diminish the “black lives matter” movement. Does it carry the same connotation down there? If it doesn’t, then Bob my boy, you’re right on target and the Reverend is indeed full of it. But if it does, are you implying that “black lives matter” is nothing but a phony trope? I hope not. I lived in the South for years, I could tell you stories. Or better yet, maybe the next book you read should be one that looks at Reconstruction and Jim Crow…

    Black lives matter is a phony trope Peter.
    Relative to police/suspect interaction rates the incidence of “death by cop” is higher (27%) for European Americans than for African Americans. BLM are corrupt, neo Marxist revolutionaries posing as fighters for justice.

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