“Jacinda has eggs for breakfast.”


That’s what a $50 million bribe gets for you in the MSM.
Meanwhile the country steams ahead into an all out depression bought about by the actions and inactions of Jacinda.

Is that in the “Premium” section where you need to pay to access the Herald’s Best Journalism

The way the Herald is tracking these days I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a follow up:

“…and Todd Muller dines on roasted babies”

Op Ed in the Herald today by Valerie Morse writing against an upcoming military exercise. Fair enough and no problem with having a point-of-view, much less a mainstream publication like the Herald disseminating it. Long may that be the case.

However the problem came in their description of Morse as an “author, librarian, and member of Peace Action Wellington”, while omitting the fact that she was one of the 17 arrested a number of years ago for running around with weapons in the Ureweras, most likely preparing for a less-than-peaceful prospective revolution! 😂

I can’t believe how such a high percentage of the NZ population can’t see past the lies and propaganda, its not the 1930’s and 40’s, next we all be getting free smart phones in the mail so we don’t miss something Jacinda Goebells tells us.

    Likewise. My thoughts are that the ‘ polls’ which are released reguarly showing 50-55% favouring her are rigged…in that they always ask the same people for their opinions? I’ve never been ‘ polled’ and neither has anyone I know. You have to wonder don’t you?

you mean “iggs” she cant say eggs

Peace Action Wellington are the outfit that set off those “bombs” in a cinema to terrify the mainly elderly Jewish audience. Nice types!
Their other claim to fame is this most entertaining discussion between with their spokes”woman” Iris and Sean Plunket. on their call to ban Jordan Peterson.

    Morse’s op ed was hilarious, a catalogue of the various sins against peace the upcoming RIMPAC exercise out of Pearl Harbor will commit, from increased military spending to curb the peace loving Chinese government to submarines firing torpedoes with no regard for the well-being of the undersea mammals (no, I didn’t make that up), and of course the American colonisation of Hawaii for which they have given no apology or paid reparations. Morse deserved to have her byline listed as best unintentional comedian.

Yes, Jaspenda, is looked at in almost a lust filled way by the NZ Herald political reporters.

It is time for a Monday sermon from CAKE FACE.
This is what Stuff served up today:
“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reveals homemade cake for Neve’s second birthday”
This article isn’t just the worst article I’ve ever read, it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. Ever, in history. Not just to me, but inflicted on humanity in general. Including the period before humanity even existed.
I think that we can now safely say, after this latest crime against humanity, that Ms Ardern is the worst person ever. When her back catalogue is taken into account, including crimes such as the infantile babbling about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, this Ronald McDonald doppelganger is the cruellest torturer that the world has ever seen.
Look at the leering, disturbing and sinister Ronald McDonald face grinning insanely over the Easter Bunny cake.
This is the scariest picture I have seen in my life – it is truly a degenerate, depraved and disturbing.
You can’t unsee this stuff. I feel traumatised.

Yes, cinders is also poor at baking a kids birthday cake the (paid for) MSM breathlessly tell us. Complete with fake sad face photo. While the isolation farce is in full flight and NZ burns. Thanks cinders and ash…

Dear me !

Can’t add to this

The modern age 2020 stupidity manifests.
Hysterical entitlement spreading like covid.
The age of virtue
…so we’re told what our leader has for breakfast.

Two of her most challenging decisions since the virus started to put the world economies into freefall…more so NZ’s…
1, What to ice my bibbies birfday cake with,

2, What to call my bestie idea, another national holiday…’ Cindies Day’??? FFS!!

Please calm down all !
The end of the world is not nigh !

More like hiding behind the referee.
Google up Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton on YOU TUBE.
Be enlightened.

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