Today’s Dominion-Post, delivered, thank God – it’s raining – in a plastic wrapper, includes a double page feature on the evils of plastic.


Saturday’s New Zealand Herald website was headed by a lengthy item titled, “Where’s the kindness?”

This regaled how a small one woman travel agency couldn’t pay her shop rental due to the lockdown and destruction of travel activity. The lack of kindness the newspaper advised, was from the shop-owner holding her to her lease.

It’s a great way to solve a problem, namely pass it on to someone else, despite not being responsible for it.

The woman said she’d found a replacement tenant, namely a proposed restaurant, but this was rejected by the shop-owner. The article didn’t say but if it was a standard lease, the only likely grounds for rejection was financial, the usual situation with restaurant start-ups, thus their 18 months survival record.

But, while the Herald, presumably out of modesty, didn’t say so, doubtless in the interest of kindness and consistency, they’re providing the unemployed, unable to pay a subscription, with free daily deliveries.

Both these items represent blatant hypocrisy.


The NZ media are a mess.
I look at the Herald on line but not a subscriber; every day there’s the usual childish gossipy drivel, something about how wonderful Cindy is, something about the climate (every time it rains or blows or doesn’t it’s “climate change”) and one or two 1984 style “two minutes of hate” pieces on President Trump.
The headline verdict on his Independence Day address was “divisive” so I watched the whole thing. It was a great speech; positive, uniting and patriotic, well presented and received.
Why anyone would pay to receive the same predictable bullshit is beyond me.

Yet again!!

Slightly off subject but It is such a pleasure to see e.g. The Australian remaining neutral in discussions on ‘climate change’, giving you the chance to draw your own conclusions. I refer to the recent article about a ‘green ‘who changed his coat at bit.ly/ozclimate. You would never see the alternate story in NZ paper. That is why I won’t subscribe, despite their pleas.

Bob, I’ve Got to to call you out on this. The Herald is such a pitiful rag that they can’t give it away, Thus, any potential subscriber, either employed or unemployed, who will take The Horrid with a free subscription Is gleefully taken up by The Horrid Circulation Dept as it is one of the very few channels left open to them to potentially increase their readership.

    A couple of days ago, maybe Monday?..I heard some comments from Nikki Kaye, Deputy Leader of National, about the woeful performance of the labour govt to date re their ‘promises’ leading up to the election. She was quite good. Got stuck into labour esp about the bullshit ‘100,000 houses’….so you’d expect, wouldn’t you,to read something on the Herald/Newshub/Stuff..? Not a dickybird. Instead there were 3 photos of the drama queen in varying poses,all with the ‘smile’…nothing about what Kaye had said. Was I surprised? No. Not a bit. Thats what a $50 million plus handout gets from the NZ ‘ press’. A taxpayer funded labour party propaganda machine. And..still nothing reported on what Kaye said. Doesn’t matter what your political leaning, this is a disgrace,

Yes, NZ Herald rather than report the short comings and lack of support provided by the Govt. Namely, lack of rent subsidy to business directly effected by covid 19. The Herald has decided to portray the the landlord as a greedy tyrant, for wanting to legally enforce the lease agreement. NZ herald, sure we feel sympathy for those people and business’s directly affected by lock down and border closure, and yes, tourism and travel are likely the worst effected. How about getting behind both parties, and putting more emphasis on the lack of Govt support, for business to cover rents and overheads. Transfer of loss from tenant to landlord is not the solution.

Yes! Finally something about refectory.

It is time for the Tuesday sermon of CAKE FACE. As usual, it’s off topic, but Sir Robert is typically very generous with his blog. I thank him for it again – my views are too hot for the mainstream media to handle!
The science is unanimous about this nasty flu. Over 99.9% of the world’s population are going to survive it.
In the period of time that this nasty flu has cost half a million lives, the world’s population has increased by over 30 million.
CAKE FACE has a friend who had a motorcycle accident when he was 20. He was in a coma for 8 months, temporarily blinded, and told he would never walk again.
After his accident, he said that he just wanted to live an ordinary life. Thirty years on, after painful rehabilitation, he is married with five kids, works, and has achieved his normal life. He is inspiring.
My friend said to me “Life is precious”, with such intensity, I was touched.
And so it is.
The Prime Minister, with her fear mongering, simply disgusts me. She should know better.
To those New Zealanders afraid of their own shadow, afraid to live, hiding under their beds – I feel a sense of pity.
Life is extremely precious – it shouldn’t be wasted.
The worst epidemic we are facing at the moment is mass hysteria.
Fortress NZ policies are a grave mistake. Engage with the global community.

Bob, the shop-owner you refer to, along with other commercial property landlords, should be very thankful to NZ First because without Winston Peters at the cabinet table, Labour would have changed the terms of every NZ commercial lease contract. Labour clearly doesn’t believe in sanctity of contract. Their comment that they wish to take the extraordinary step to change the terms of a signed commercial lease because economic reasons outweigh sanctity of contract are not warranted. Most tenants went through the toughest cash flow period during level 4 lock down which ended weeks before the Government’s proposed changes were announced. You should be able to sign a private written contract in this country without fear that the Government might one day change its terms.

Winston collecting his protection money again!! We do not need to deal with bloody mafia thugs so should not thank NZ 1st for anything.
Your responsible for this mess.

Good riddance pathetic excuse for reporters you do not understand the definition of fairness. Good riddance Herald. The more they twist the less people bother to read.The left are destroying this country.

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