“Naked murder suspect fights with police after allegedly mutilating his gay victims’ testicles.”

The above a report from New York, the mutilation an attempt to set on fire the particular testicles.

Imagine being a policeman, returning home at day’s end and having one’s wife ask, “Anything interesting happen today?”

That item came from the website PINK NEWS which flushed up when I probed what the latest march on Parliament was about. It turned out to be a protest about the murder in Texas of a black transvestite. Seemingly, the showpony marchers want our MPs to put a stop to this.

At the other end of the media spectrum I rather enjoyed a line from a book review in the Financial Times. The book in question, a new biography on that old charleton, Andy Warhol, who by all accounts was a nasty piece of work.

The reviewer commenting on an improvement in Warhol’s behaviour towards the end of his life wrote, “He bordered on even becoming pleasant.”

Well, I suppose that’s something even if Andy never quite got there.


Bob, it would not have made the news if he had been a white transvestite !
At a time when we are all facing an economic depression, the highly recompensed unemployable have the temerity to take over our parliamentary grounds to get their picture in the local rag.

Reminds me of fresh roasted mountain oysters- ever tried them Bob?

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