Even the right-wing media have now seemingly written off Trump’s prospects of re-election, so overwhelming are the polls. Furthermore, they continually worsen.

Trump’s Presidency has been disastrous, not just for America but the world. It’s hugely desirable it ends. But I don’t think that’s a certainty given there’s still some time before the election.

Trump’s best asset is Biden, surely the most ineffectual main Party Presidential candidate in the post-war period, if not ever.

An inspiring running mate might lift Biden’s prospects but it’s hard to envisage anything but a blood bath in the Presidential debates, exposing Biden’s dithering vacuity.

There’s no doubt America’s rivals, notably Russia, China, and North Korea, see their interest best served by a continuing destructive and debilitating Trump Presidency. What might they cook up to lift his prospects, one wonders?

That said, Trump’s hard-core base will remain staunch.

Four years ago the best-seller Hillbilly Elegy was published. This was a remarkable memoir of life in the rust-belt states, straight out of Once Were Warriors.

The author, J.D. Vance, who grew up amidst this, painted a horrific picture of ignorance, child neglect, unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction and stagnation, and solid Trump voters, all of them. Nothing has changed, as indeed it hasn’t here since Alan Duff’s hard-hitting novel first appeared three decades back.

So with four months to go I’m certainly not writing off Trump’s chances of a second term.

A foreign military escapade, improving economic figures, fear of a Democrats administration’s punitive taxes, particularly on wealth, and many other possibilities, could see Trump scrape home.

Amidst all the madness of contemporary America, here’s what I’d like to see to lighten what’s been a horrific year.

At the last moment Trump has a serious heart attack and drops out and with no time for any process the Republicans put up Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Remove her unneeded ridiculous false eyelashes and she’d certainly get my vote if I had one. She’s not only stunning but bloody smart and plays the press like a trout. Most of all a McEnany Presidency would cheer everyone up and that currently is America and the world’s most pressing need.





Excellent choice and she would debate Biden into the ground. But she is ineligible as she is younger than 35

Ok , but what’s the alternative ? Joe Biden is like replacing Jacinda Ardern with Phil Twyford A lame duck replaced by a cooked goose

Kayleigh for President would surely be a roaring success.
Biden and Trump both about as useless as a pickpocket in a nudist camp.

Nikki Hayley

markscreaminggoosearmstrong July 7, 2020 at 2:04 pm

Interesting how many of us say “alcoholism and drug addiction” when alcoholism is clearly a subset of drug addiction. Such phrases serve to remove alcoholism from the connotations of “drugs” and “drug abuse”, with drugs having been for centuries blamed for all possible criminal and anti-social behaviours. That blame being often leveled at “drugs” by the very drug addicts who abuse those around them due to their alcoholism.
I would be very interested in your take, Sir Robert, on the cannabis referendum and decision to be made.

If Trump loses, the wall will fly open to any Mexicans, lovely or not, and the country will defund the police so only the rich can afford to protect themselves from black people who feel entitled to take whatever’s apparently owed to them. America might even discover a new age of Venezuelan-style socialism. But I don’t care either way – it will all be interesting. All the “deep state” wants is another Obama-type president who, like our adored masterpiece at home, will do exactly as directed (or manipulated). It’s all perfectly interesting to me. This is China’s century anyway.

I think you’ll get a shock come election time Sir Bob. The polls to the end of June in 2020 vs. 2016 are quite similar – Biden 5.9% lead, Clinton 5.7%. The investigation exposing spying on Trump will be timed perfectly in the election lead up also, & Biden will make an even bigger fool of himself in the debates.

The US left are a bunch of spoilt children throwing a temper tantrum & will use any dirty trick to destroy a Republican leader whoever he/she is, doesn’t matter if it’s Kayleigh, Trump, or otherwise – Clinton was supposed to win. Trump voters will keep their heads down & their mouths shut until election time like they did last time, & the result will be the same.

The rust belt were all dedicated Democrat states until they finally became disaffected & flipped for Trump in 2016. What does that say about Democrat voters according to J.D Vance?

Trump has screwed China with massive tariffs, Russia with sanctions (see below), & called Nth Korea’s bluff. They will all want him back about as much as Iran does, which is not at all. I’m sure they will all love a brain dead, corrupt Biden though, & will do whatever it takes to help him, e.g. riots, epidemics, violence, discord, etc. – strange it all happens in the US election year, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

China: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-45899310

Russia: https://www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2018/09/25/on-the-record-the-u-s-administrations-actions-on-russia/

BTW: I supported Cruz last election, Trump had a habit of voting Democrat (see box 10, bottom left):


    Hillary foolishly let it slip what the the Democrat hierarchy, MSM and the snobby university educated class (the so-called progressive left) really think of the working class (traditional Democrat voters by the way):


    This moment of truth, her inane honesty, cost her the election as the deplorables fled to the Bad Orange Man in their thousands.

Ex UN ambassador Nikki Haley would get my vote; conservative, educated, articulate and knowledgeable and seriously good looking plus she’s a POC (Indian) so the identatarians can STFU for at least a while.
Trump’s 4th of July speech certainly laid down the gauntlet to the increasingly unhinged rioters, haters and anti-American elite; the so called progressives. The battle lines have been drawn in no uncertain terms and I think he can win it thanks to the patriotic inclinations of the American people.

From Issues & Insights

Whatever his faults – and they are many – Trump has run one of, if not the, most conservative administrations, including Ronald Reagan’s. From the military buildup to supply-side tax cuts and deregulation, to judicial nominees, to immigration policies and education reform, he’s made a lasting difference on issues these never-Trump Republicans supposedly hold dear. And while he can be and often is his own worst enemy, Trump has been the victim of the most vicious, sustained smear campaign ever mounted by the liberal establishment.
If these never-Trumpers succeed, they will not only have justified the left’s scorched earth political strategy, they will have handed over the White House and Congress to an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party. There will be a fire all right. And it will burn everything conservatives believe in.
Even if a supposedly purified Republican Party were to win a national election again somewhere down the road, there wouldn’t be anything left to build on.

What is wrong with a country the size of the USA when they can’t even find a decent sane candidate on either side of the political spectrum? What do these candidates need? IS is that they just do not have enough money to back their cases, and it comes down to old old men who have the dosh?

I fear Sir Robert is letting his dislike of Trump cloud his judgement. Trump will win comfortably. To quote Oscar Wilde-The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. The USA will vote for Trump.

You forgot to mention that the only alternative to Trump is far far worse. If that weakling hiding in his basement, Joe Biden is elected, the giant prison camp that is China will dominate America. Remember the protesters in Hong Kong used the American flag as their symbol of freedom.

Are the Democrats even really serious about politics? Stupid policies like open borders, full-term abortion and the dire green new deal will dominate the landscape. For the future of the free world we actually need to pray that Trump can quickly reboot and win this election.

Oh – and if we’re talking futire GOP candidates for President in mind you should note this gal – Kristi Noem. Governor of South Dakota.

Yes, I know it’s in Flyover Country but her libertarian instincts should warm the cockles of your heart, Bob.

In her first term, she faced the COVID issue and pursued a course different from almost all other governors: she went on television and said that Americans are free people, not subject to arbitrary orders from politicians. What’s more, South Dakotans are smart. They are better qualified to look after their own health than government can ever be. Therefore, she said, her administration would compile data, constantly put out information, issue recommendations based on the best knowledge available. But she would not order anyone to do anything. Freedom, she said, works.

And she’s quite hot!

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