When hitherto unnoticed MP Andrew Falloon announced his resignation in an absurd babble about “grief” over suicides, my antennae told me this was a cover-up. The subsequent revelations thus came as no surprise although not in their specifics. Sex is a powerful drive and at my age nothing surprises me about its many manifestations.

Falloon’s particular tastes were unusual insofar as they proved to be at the innocuous end of this sort of behaviour, the most common being sending photos of one’s own genitalia.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about when I say Parliament has always been a hotbed of sexual antics, and that includes the Press Gallery.

The understanding has always been a grown-up one, namely to turn the other cheek and not comment publicly on MPs private affairs. Now it seems we’re in a new era of puritanism.

The Prime Minister sacking Minister Lees-Galloway for having an affair, alarms me. He’s an adult and it’s none of her God-damn business. I’d have been more impressed had she moved him on after his disastrous decision over the Czech crim’.

With the astonishing advances in technology it can’t be far off before someone invents a thoughts machine, capable of discovering people’s secret desires. And should that occur, and it be aimed at Jacinda and reveal she dreams of being in bed with two pygmies, well who will be surprised? When it comes to sex, anything is possible, which is age old human behaviour.

In fairness to her, this action was forced upon her by Judith Collins raising it. It’s not in the slightest analogous to the Falloon matter and is a bad look for Collins. Furthermore, Jacinda should have said as much.

We elect MPs to do a job, nothing more, and most certainly not to own them. They’re entitled to a private life and our criticism and judgment should be confined to their work performance.

Publicising the Falloon matter, albeit it fairly innocuous and merely suggestive (sending photos of female nudes to women as a hint) was justified. But publicising Lees-Galloway private life was disgraceful.

Shame on Judith for raising the matter and on the PM for running with it.


Well Ian Lees-Galloway as Minister of Workplace Relations has certainly lived up to his title.
In other areas of responsibility he has proven to be nothing more than a hopeless and hapless idiot who will most certainly not be missed.

If this was simply an affair then it’d be no business of anyone else. In this case, however, it’s a Cabinet Minister with a member of his own staff. That is a no-no. Screwing the crew, as it is indelicately described, is not permitted.

    Why not? They are consenting adults although I take your implied point that modern laws designed to allegedly keep us “safe” works on the assumption that young adults lack any agency and are perpetual potential infantilised victims.

    Dipping the pen in office ink, is the polite version.

There is a ‘ ticking time bomb’ still waiting to be detonated in NZ parliamemtary circles… seems it is common knowledge but still not publicly acknowledged. I’m not going to expand on this, however it’s only a matter of time.. some of you reading this will know what it is and who it involves.

    Clarke Gayford is a gay? I know. We all know.

      Ah, that’s amusing, I’ve been calling him Gay Clarkford for sometime now…no offense intended 🙂 but anyway, someone told me the nanny’s had a bit of a walloping..seriously, so maybe he swings on the round-a-bout. Could just be a fishing trip rumor of course.

      News to me. But you have to say, when was the last time the pm’s news team ( newshub, stuff, herald newstalk etc) mentioned him..or had a photo op with ‘ my bibbie’…, what about the wedding of the year? this space

    Why do you think it’s not publicly acknowledged yet?
    Are the opposition just biding their time?
    Are the media just protecting their darling?
    Maybe both…?
    A lot of people I talk to know about it already…

Collins had to pass the info on as she wasn’t to know this was set as a so-called dirty politics trap. Imagine she had the info but had ignored it then the media got hold of the information. However, I agree sacking a minister for having an affair is ridiculous.

I garee. Judith Collins looks small for this. No one really cares and it’s nothing but a cheap way of screwing with someone. Judith just looks like a nasty snitch for it – not a prime minister in waiting, focused on things that actually matter. On this, Judith looks out of touch.

Roys the name, Truths the game July 22, 2020 at 2:53 pm

As I understand it Ms Collins passed on/advised informant to contact the Pm.
Then when asked if she knew about it on a morning media show she confirmed she had passed on information. No names.

So what would you prefer she did?
Not briefed the PM immediately?
Lied to the Media reporter?

The Leader of the Opposition made the revelation after speaking to The AM Show about the behaviour of former National MP Andrew Falloon, who quit Parliament on Tuesday after it was alleged he sent inappropriate messages to young women.

Asked by host Duncan Garner if she had “received anything about Labour ministers or Labour MPs”, Collins said: “I have actually”.

“I have advised the Prime Minister and I have asked for anybody who has that information to send it directly to her,” Collins said.

I agree with your sentiment: an individual shouldn’t lose their job because of what they chose to do with their genitals (assuming it involves consenting adults). What I’m keen to see the announcement of, is the confirmation of a very senior politician’s partner who has been playing hide the sausage with the nanny. If rumors are to be believed, then this will be difficult (impossible) to hide over the coming 6 months

This shenanigans is red herrings. The real election year issues are those related to personal and nation wide sovereignty and unbelievable debt burden . How is it that I’ve only just found out that our current prime minister has, at a Bill and Melinda gates sponsored event stated that she fully intends to have NZ fully compliant to UN agenda 30. A vote for any of the major parties will seal our fate because they all stand for the same things. The leaders pay lip service to integrity by responding to sexual dalliances which appears to make them look like they are honest and trust worthy but they are not. If they were they would be truthful and transparent to NZ about our international entanglements and what that will really mean for all of us.

Whatl seems to be overlooked is the minor matter of a ‘compromising’ situation arising.
These people are elected to the highest offices in the land and need to be beyond reproach.
Consider Galloways position should he decide to be rid of the wench, and she disagrees. Blackmail? Possible. Consider the possibility that said wench is an agent or Huawei. Fanciful? Possibly. But you get my drift. This isnt about morals or ethics. Galloway was a senior member of the government and in my opinion put himself in a vulnerable position.
Add to the mix a pending election (that was nearly a mistype), the atmosphere of Falloons doings in the background and the matter of Collins lack of dithering on like matters, well, I think Ms Ardern had no option other than the one she took.

    Collin’s decisive action on Falloon forced Ardern to be decisive for the first time in her political life. It had taken her 88 days to get rid of the previous Health Minister who didn’t seem to understand his own lockdown rules.

markscreaminggoosearmstrong July 22, 2020 at 4:13 pm

Not sure I would be happy if an MP sent a photo of his genitalia to my daughter. Would you be ok with you daughter receiving such a message Sir Robert? Would you vote for the sender? Would you send such a picture? Well I wouldn’t be happy neither would I vote for such a loser nor would I behave that way myself.

Affairs, well protecting the vulnerable from those in positions of power is not a bad thing and bad behaviour by MPs whether common-place or not is not good for any political party, hence it it not made public, so I would leave the decision up to the political party leader. If leader I may talk to the vulnerable before making the decision and so attempt to judge the damage that has been done to the person, if any.

Yes Alan, I know the ticking time bomb you’re referring to but I hope it’s untrue. Regardless of anyone’s political views, the person you’re referring to is incredibly dedicated and deserves so much better.

The members of leftist news media will never let it out but many of us know of what you call, the ticking time bomb.

frederickwilliscroft July 22, 2020 at 11:39 pm

Yep. I am a frequent visitor to parliament and rumors are rife that Clark, might have been a naughty boy. I really hope that this is true – would be beautiful to be rid of the sanctimonious Fairy Princess.
I have to say the News hub female trio looked very suspicious today. I saw them in the parliamentary precincts today and they looked very dodgy.

As pointed out by Roy above you have been misinformed Robert; Judith Collins referred the informant to Galloway’s boss, Ardern, she didn’t raise the matter herself.

Interesting to read about the rumour in the comments above. I don’t know anything about that exactly, but it seems to me that Cindy isn’t her usual self at the moment. She seems somewhat flat, as if she’s distracted and preoccupied… Wonder what’s going on behind the scenes?

It is my business.If a Minister,let us say Trade and Industry for example was having a liaison with a staffer from the Chinese Embassy,I want to know.If a Minister,Immigration for example,was having an affair with let us say some one from The Federation of Islamic Woman I want to know.The reasons are obvious.Mrs Collins communication to the PM,resulted in the dismissal of an incompetent Minister.We all benefit from this,but only if the successor is of superior calibre.

I often wonder if Sir Robert reads these comments.
A fair chunk are such nonsense that Sir Bob could publish a new work.
“Idiots, Liars and other Charlatans I have baited for my amusement”

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