Journalists are supposed to provide readers with news and not seek it from them as the Herald’s parliamentary reporter Claire Trevett did today.

Specifically, she wrote “When will the sackings and scandals end?”

OK. Claire, I’ll tell you, but pay attention and write it down in case you forget.

They will end at 11 minutes past midday on the second Thursday next August.


Well a lot of us know what the next political scandal might be. Journalists are starting to be perceived as being state media rather than independent media due to not wanting to ask the obvious question.

11 minutes past midday on the second Thursday in August? Damn. I had my money on 2am on the last Friday in Lent… Another lost bet…

Well just so long as you do not use the term Ladies in reference to Ladies.
“It doesn’t matter that the world is ending just don’t call me a lady”.

“Ok Daffy we’ll just stick to Richard-head as it definitely suits you”

As a subscriber to the Stuff’s Christchurch Press, it’s interesting that the daily cartoons for several weeks are always portraying National in a unflattering way – Labour or the others are not featured. I wonder – could the Government’s $50,000 media bail out be linked ? Check out your own papers.

…Heres the real scandal. “Good night nurse” if the polls are anything to believe. We really are a country of sheep. I’m curious to know if our national IQ has previously reached these incredible levels given the stark, (lack of) achievement of our government and wonderful leader “Cindy the wonderfulness”.
I hope if the polls are true and the mad left does get back in without mafia don Peters and his bunch of thugs. He is responsible for this mess.
Lets teach the country a good lesson; let the left utterly run a muck with the Greens dictating insane policy while Cindy teaches us to be kind. Australia will also be toughening their entry requirements for New Zealanders as Cindy has opened our boarders to the illegal aliens Australia does not want. Would think there will be new visa requirements to be announced in the near future. ANZAC spirit may be a casualty of our new kindness.
When will the scandal end? …after the damage is done by the look of it.

Reporting of the news. What does that mean to the NZ Herald political team, (of 5 million)?
few at NZ Herald, are brave enough to question this Govt. more so a left wing, feminist slant, fully supporting, if not promotional, editorial content. Rather than hard news reporting, critical questioning. Claire’s question (happy) time with Cindy, is little more than populist dribble, unpopular reporting needs to do exactly that….Report the news.

Ah – journos are so distracted these days by their media profiles. They don’t even bother proof read their own articles. Here is one from 1 News Breanna Barraclough when reporting today about reducing paywave fees… “One retailer he spoke to was facing fees of 4.75 per cent for each contactless payment – an “exuberant cost”….

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