The America This Week television show has pulled an edition in which a lawyer and an associate argue Dr Anthony Fauci personally manufactured the coronavirus and shipped it to China.

That sounds perfectly reasonable although Trump will dismiss it as heresy given he argues China made it and shipped it to America.

That said, I have my own home-grown theory. I believe Lower Hutt lawyer David Butler, in league with Wellington QC Hugh Rennie and former Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast, jointly cooked it up for a laugh but it got out of hand. Note that none of them have denied it.


I’d love to meet this David Butler .
He sure seems to command a lot of Bob’s attention.

If you ever watch the Trump obsessed networks CNN and MSNBC, it would appear that Trump was responsible for both WWI and WWII and the sinking of the Titanic. The history texts will have to be rewritten.

Maybe Biden will save us, although hiding away in your basement for 3 months and trying to avoid the Presidential debates is not overly inspirational.

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