Green Party co-leader, Marama Davidson has revealed another natural “human right” to add to the lengthy existing list of such fictions.

This one is housing.

These people, put simply, are stupid. Claiming something is a human right doesn’t make it happen. It’s an aspiration Marama. There’s a difference.


Bob, this socialist/ communist does not know the difference.
Nor too, a growing number of Labour MP’s.

James Shaw is already back-pedalling (on his unicycle) saying that he doesn’t know how much of his housing policy will actually get implemented. I think the long-suffering taxpayer who has seen only 202 of the promised 30,000 Kiwibuild houses being built has a pretty good idea by now.

    I would think James Shaw doesn’t know much about anything when it comes to this woman. As a matter of interest, regarding her ‘ wealth tax ‘ scheme…does anyone know : if a couple own assets of over $1m between them, are each of them liable to get taxed under the Greens tax the rich-give to the poor idea? i.e. are they saying a couple can asset split for tax reasons? Or have they just not thought that far ahead.?

      I don’t think so just like income isn’t taxed as joint income. The asset(s) would be divided up and the value apportioned to the owners and their wealth tax calculated based on that.

Really just a young person with a poor education and an enhanced idea of self entitlement. Regretfully, if these people get too much of a hold it spreads, like a virus.
Equally, I dont think they are stupid Bob. If enough people say something, it becomes entrenched and eventually becomes the norm. Just look at how terribly ‘kind’ we have all become in the last few months. Gosh, Im so confused I think Im arguing with myself.

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