The first at 5.35pm read, “NZX (Stock Exchange) Down Again,” then, exactly one minute later at 5.36pm, “Market close, nears record high.

The company’s chairman bragged this week of the site’s increased subscribers.

They were brave to pioneer Pay per View but having done so, surely it’s overdue to put someone competent in charge. (For God’s sake not a journalist.)

As I’ve periodically pointed out, it’s packed with fictitious stories and non-descript items, frequently months old. That said, congratulations are due as it’s now a week since they’ve run “The Life and Times of Sonny Fai,” surely the most outrageous incident of fictious news creating in New Zealand journalism history.


NZX is down for the 3rd day running.
I rang the FMA to suggest the NZX might be in breach of its licence to operate (Because for 3 days it has not been consistently operating, nor providing service)
I was told a support team would have to be contacted on this one, as no one in authority at the FMA was available to take the call.
The NZX must be the laughing stock of all international exchanges
J White

The Titanic continues on it’s merry way despite the gaping hole in the quality of the output. I might add Stuff has improved markedly since being “sold” so one hopes for a contender to the drivel from the aforementioned paper – I purchase one hard copy each week (usually Saturday) for the sole purpose of lighting my fire.

There was a startling headline on stuffed today “Life sentence for mosque shooter’s victims”. Jeez, they imprisoned the victims for life too? Half of them are dead 🙂

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