New Zealand and America have elections scheduled for November.

Both countries are dealing with a covid crisis, in America’s case for a number of reasons, of far greater dimension than ours.

But compare the media coverage. In America it’s almost totally about the election; in New Zealand, the virus.

There are good reasons for the difference.

In New Zealand the main party political scenario is tweedledum-tweedledee. A change of government offers no change of significance policy-wise, thus the relative public and media disinterest.

But not so in America. The U.S. situation is singularly about Trump.

He’s not only a disgrace to democracy but to humanity. Yet perfectly rational people will hold their noses and still vote for him and he may even win.

If he does the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

Their first sin is choosing the non-descript Biden, this partly an indictment on the selection process. Thus Democrat voters can hardly enthuse as Biden is irrelevant. Rather, it’s a for or against Trump that determines the outcome.

Trump offers low taxes, this having enormous appeal to America’s solid and sizeable affluent classes, largely well-educated people who are otherwise appalled by Trump. Additionally, the Democrats have too many extreme left voices who would frighten the solid middle voters.

But most of all the Democrats blind eye to on-going rioting and particularly in cities like Portland, as opposed to Trump wanting to send in the troops, will have a huge impact on the silent majority voters.

To explain; rioting in the likes of Detroit and Baltimore surprises nobody, so too the resurgence in murders of blacks murdering blacks.

But Portland? That’s like the residents of Remuera rampaging. And as said, not a peep from the Democrats.

Trump will not win the election but the Democrats instead may lose it. Their best hope lies with postal voting. Normally less than half of the eligible voters bother with Presidential elections, perhaps deeming their single vote to be irrelevant.

But a replied paid mail voting paper should see a huge increase in votes this time.

That said, there will inevitably be thousands of cockups, of eligible voters not receiving voting papers and so on and it’s easy to foresee Trump refusing to acknowledge the result.

The subsequent turmoil will be a fitting cap on an unprecedently turbulent year.


Given that Arden is a disgrace to Democracy, by default theyre running similar campaigns based on themselves & their egos ?

I fail to see evidence that supports your contention that Trump is comparatively any more “a disgrace to democracy but to humanity.” than sexual offender demented Biden. At lease be consistent Bob, neither are even close to perfect, and don’t even start with Hillary and her myriad skeletons, but your follow on rightly refers to the Hobson’s choice the voters need to make based on candidate’s moral credentials.

Do the intricacies of the American elections interest the average Kiwi?

    markscreaminggoosearmstrong August 27, 2020 at 11:59 am

    Nah stopped being interested when I found out they are corrupt-as to the point a poor person has literally nil chance in even standing for office in U.S. elections.

In a nation who believe 3 buildings collapse from 2 planes , physically impossible for the first 2 let alone the 3rd …. anything is possible … at least trump hasn’t started a war which is a far cry from a ‘ disgrace to humanity ‘. I’m picking trump to bolt in , as well as the nats here . Subsidy is gone and reality is sinking in , the virus won’t be controlled by Election day and jacinda won’t create an apolitical covid force . Won’t even include National in decisions and inform them . Her incompetency prior to pandemic is remembered ,the time until oct election and Auckland getting screwed with lockdown now , and again I predict before then , will finish labour . It’s gonna be another giant labour non delivery . The word in my blue collar world is we want a plan to live with it and move on , and labour is tainted by the lunatic greens . The only reason the initial lockdown worked is people were paid to stay home, and govt generated fear .time enough has passed with global stats to eliminate the fear If you’re not paid to lock down now …. to hell with the rules

I would be genuinely intrigued by a post from you detailing precisely why Trump is not only a disgrace to democracy but to humanity. I have even seen parallels between Trump and Hitler and it genuinely leaves me completely mystified.

    markscreaminggoosearmstrong August 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    Because he’s a helluva laugh once you stop taking him seriously. And he’s shown himself to be more pacifist than many if not most U.S. “leaders”.

Can I say? Trump is a lazy-minded, immature and cold-blooded man why couldn’t care less about America for its own sake, and doesn’t have a religious bone in his body (while paying lip service to the bible). And there we can see why he’s hated so much in America. He’s exactly what a Leftist is when they pull away their cheap love and fake compassion. I reckon the people who hate Trump most are those who deep-down see themselves in him. That’s why they won’t vote for him no matter what. Even if they hold their nose. Their nerves just can’t take it.

Dead right but Trump at least knows something about economics.

Trump will win. When all the talk is about 1 candidate he is a shoo in.
Biden is just too soft and old

Uncle Joe Biden is the non threatening Trojan Horse for a mad house of justice warriors, end of times climate nutters, wet wokeists and deranged socialists. I’d be voting for Trump – way more sane.

It was the Democrats that choose Hilary in 2016, that put Trump in the Whitehouse. Trump got less votes than Romney in 2012, but Hilary’s votes were down by a lot greater amount.
Biden is close to senile (see his first attempt at a campaign broadcast, etc) and I would be surprised if Trump doesn’t get back in (curtesy of the democrats)

Roys the name Truths the game August 26, 2020 at 11:49 pm

Talking to an American frend of mine who lives in Oregan. He explained that many people use his address as their residence even tho they live in California. Why? because annual taxes on cars in Oregan-Zero. California $thousands.
Anyway to the point.
He says he gets dozens of mail votes arriving at his place. Which he laughly says he can fill in and post back.

Maybe Trump has a point about mail in voter fraud?

The same thing happens in NZ by the way fro local body elections. Voter packs delivered to a “‘convenience”” address.

I see a lot of parallels in the Democratic campaign as was to our NZ 2017 election. Creepy Joe, seen as unappealing, like Andrew Little. Rockstar appeal of Kamila, like Cindy.
Question is, when will Joe abdicate the throne? My guess it will happen (like Little), a short time before the Nov election date. Can the American public stomach another Democratic Obama style term? Can they stomach, more leftist driven policy? Ie; Obama times again. Can, the American public see beyond the leftist media propaganda? Will the American voter be willing to be bullied by the radical left, Lock down, BLM, rioting is OK (because protest is our right)?
Though, on our side of the fence. NZ has a vastly different demographic. Huge chucks of out voting public, are either beneficiaries of some form, public servants, and the likes. Their existence, jobs, careers and lifestyles are firmly based on a taxation model. They perceive, the higher earners should be taxed more, then they will be better off. Problem being tax take, usually mostly only occurs when private business, and individuals are profitable. Think about it, the tax take from the public sector, is not going to pay for it’s self existence. Throw into the equation, more unemployed, who again don’t add to the tax revenue. Business’s in recession, unlikely to be maintaining or increasing their profits. Even if we increase company taxes, companies, need to make profits, before they will be able to pay more of that profits in taxes, (if any at all). Basically, we are a country of trust in our Govt. Trust, which is rapidly being eroded.
The flock of 5 million, until possibly now, have been more than willing to trust and be herded by thy leader, into the slaughter pen. With the leftist leaning media dogs, flanking the sides to bark and make sure fear is well and truly instilled upon the flock.

I hate to be pedantic but our election is on October 17 with early voting starting on October 3. I fervently hope that our un-elected socialist head girl is back behind the counter of the fish and chip shop on October 18 and that Winston First and the Greens go the way of the Maori Party down the gurgler of electoral oblivion. Based on current form President Trump wins easily as suburban mums and dads are horrified at the mayhem unleashed by Soros funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter (TM) in Democrat-run cities.

Rob from Canterbury August 27, 2020 at 10:15 pm

The thing about the US election of President is that the President is elected by the states, not the people. The USA is a federation of states (it is the United States of America after all) and voters in each state elect a number of electors to vote on their behalf. 538 in total in this electoral college. The number of electors in each state is the sum of its senators and house reps. As each state has two senators and at least one House rep smaller sates have a disproportionate weighting compared to a one man one vote system. Given that most of the smaller states are republican this gives Trump an advantage. Last time Hillary Clinton got more of the popular vote but Trump easily won the electoral college.
Is this fair? Maybe not, but that’s the way it is. The losing side usually wants to throw out the college and have a popular vote. But to change it needs a change to the constitution and agreement by all states. Never going to happen. The states fiercely defend the powers they have.
So given that and the groundswell of feelings re the Democrats and the democrat run cities failure to condemn or rein in the violent protests, and the large number of “silent Trumpers” who do not reveal their voting intentions in polls, Trump will ride in again.

    The Electoral College was designed at the time the US constitution was written and is the US version of proportional representation. It was designed to give smaller States their fair share of political influence and prevent the election being decided only by voters in New York and LA County as this was seen to be a potential issue even back then.

    The Electoral College is actually the first law in the USA that protected minority rights.

    As such it’s hardly surprising that the Left want to abolish it, given their love of the Collective: tyranny of the majority and all that.

November date for NZ elections? Thought it was 17 October? Though I won’t be surprised if the date moves.

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