Oh my God; the nation is reeling with the shock news. Wicked Winston smoked a cigarette and if that aint bad enough, he did so on Otago University’s campus.

Should we bring back hanging, or at the least flogging for such acts of evilness, specifically making decisions for himself rather than falling into line with the bureaucratic prescriptions?

For bucking the rules I might even give Winston my vote, but if I don’t, we’ll certainly send NZ First some funds.

This is an important issue, namely each to their own. We’ve been subjected to at times unbelievable infantilism this year (teddy bears, the Be Kind hogwash, and the team of 5 million nonsense) so it really is enormously refreshing to see a public figure doing his own thing rather than falling before the prevailing regimentationism infecting the nation.

A final word on this for the skybaying element who read this blog.

God, who I imagine enjoys the occasional cigar, plainly wanted Winston to have a smoke, failing which he’d have intervened with some heavenly smiting. Note he did not.


Winston at his age should be vaping which would be perfectly acceptable to do indoors if it were not for our unnecessary and ignorant laws (pushed through by nanny state Labour) that equate vaping with smoking. It is like applying the same laws to the motor vehicle as the horse and cart. I hope National are in a position to repeal this laughable law after the election.

News is only news if it suits the ‘ reporters’ agenda. Compare this trash with the Newshub poll this morning. Newshub- the publishing and reporting arm of the Labour party-had a poll asking if you approved or disapproved of a new public holiday as announced by Madam Goebbels. Guess what? Of the approx 5000 people who responded 47% approved. BUT 53% disapproved! The poll was quickly terminated, no sign of it being reported by Newshub. This after the announcement by ardern that ‘ its time has come’ and ‘most people favour it’…Instead they focus on the rubbish you mention Bob, so f’n what if Winnie wants to suck on a ciggie. I love a good red wine. Jeeze, better not be seen drinking one…especially now that the Police are empowered to search my home without a warrant!

I suspect The Holy One snitched to the press,

The Silent Majority September 8, 2020 at 4:04 pm

The left are the new puritans. Good on him for bucking the trend!

Holy Smokes!

Talking about teddy bears, team of 5 million, be kind, etc., I do wonder how much the government paid P.R. consultants to come up with such hogwash.

Winston Peters is my role model. This means I copy him instead of becoming my own man. I was wounded, hurt, and confused when I discovered that smoking was ok after all. I might have to find another role model.

I don’t seem to have a direct link to god but it is my understanding that he/she is known to take his/her time about “smiting”.
Look at his choosen people, a bit of a rough time but he kept the “final solution” up his sleeve for a couple of millennium.
Could be early days for Winston!

Good on ya winston ! To hell with the wowsers !!

A little off topic Bob but thought you might like to know that Steve Elers (one of an almost extinct species: a sane, straight talking academic) has been canceled again. He comments:
“Today I was informed by Merania Karauria – the editor of the Manawatu Guardian (part of the NZME conglomerate) – that my weekly column will no longer be published in print or on the NZ Herald’s website.

She said she received a directive this morning from Kim Gillespie (NZ Herald/NZME) due to complaints made over the weekend. I will highlight here that Merania contacted me again stating that she is responsible for the decision making, but I know that it came from above at NZ Herald/NZME.

The complaints are in relation to a series of Twitter messages and an online article by David Farrier (see below). Note: Do not mistake him for David Farrar of Kiwiblog.

This is the second time I have been ‘deplatformed’ or ‘cancelled’ by Mr Farrier. Maybe he fancies me or something.

Mr Farrier led the online campaign to have my weekly Stuff column ‘cancelled’ because he disagreed with this article I wrote back in July.”

Whilst we’re talking about bringing back public hangings I say let’s go a step further and brink back the burning of witches at the stake. We could offer a weekly one outside the Beehive. I could think of one witch who we could start off with. The one in charge.

Without doubt bring back at least the birch. Witch burnings. School cainings. All could be televised, in a totally safe (for the audience), socially distant manner.
Remember the flock of 5 million, need more activities with the extra holiday on offer. Though, care should be taken that all activities are approved by the bureaucrazy.
Was Winston, also guilty of not wearing a mask of late? An offence punishable by not less than?

Winston won’t win many fans under the age of 40 with this sort of behaviour…What a political masterstroke though, if it had been a joint he’d been caught smoking..

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