Rumour has it that the Herald’s very good business journo Hamish Rutherford (the paper nicked him off Stuff) has begun a crowd-funding exercise. Apparently this is to pay for his colleague Matt Nippert to have a hair-cut.

It will certainly be an expensive exercise as of necessity it will need to be undertaken by two skilled shearers. Evidently they’re lined up and believe the job can be achieved inside an hour. Personally I think that’s optimistic.

That said, assuming the crowd-funding rumours are true, I wonder if Hamish is being presumptuous. After all, Matt growing his hair unfashionably down his back could simply be a first step in coming out as a trans-sexual.

Who knows? Nothing surprises any more and it may well be we’re six months away from Matt, suitably lipsticked and now Matilda, bowling about in a skirt and high heels.


I believe your theory is supported by his move from Stuff to the Herald. Clearly the beginning of the end.

Working for either bullshit factory and making up what you write, it’s only a small step to re imagining your gender. Objective reality no longer exists.

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