The item below appeared in the Yorkshire Herald and was forwarded to me by well-known Wellington identity Grant Corleison. I make two observations.

First, readers will understand how a British Bar Association research study on jury prejudice revealed no Tracey had ever been acquitted.

Also, note Tracey’s partner is unsurprisingly called Kevin, a name in a million years I’d never employ for fairly obvious reasons.

Yorkshire Herald.
Buttock Tattoo Terror Lands Rotherham Pair In Hospital

A furious row has broken out between a local tattoo artist and his client after what started out as a routine inking session left both of them requiring emergency hospital treatment.

Furious film fan and part-time plus-size XXXL model Tracey Munter (23), had visited the ‘Ink It Good’ Tattoo Emporium in Wellgate, Yorkshire last week, to have the finishing touches applied to a double buttock representation of the chariot race scene from the iconic 1959 film, Ben Hur. Tattooist Jason Burns takes up the story.

“It was a  big job in more ways than one” he told us “I’d just lit a roll-up and was finishing off a centurions helmet. It’s delicate, close up work. Next thing is, I sense a slight ripple in the buttock cleavage area just around Charlton Heston’s whip, and a hissing sound – more of a whoosh than a rasp – and before I know what’s happening, there’s a flame shooting from her arse to my fag and my beards gone up like an Aussie bush fire.”

Jason says he rushed to the studio sink to quell the flames, only to turn round and see Tracey frantically fanning her buttock area with a damp towel. The flames had travelled down the gas cloud and set fire to her thong which was smoking like a cheap firework.

“To be honest”, said Jason, “I didn’t even realise she was wearing one. You’d need a sodding mining licence and a strobe light to find out for sure. She could have had a complete wardrobe in there and I’d have been none the wiser.”

Jason and Tracey were taken to Rotherham District Hospital accident and emergency department where they were treated for minor burns and shock. Both are adamant that the other is to blame.

“I’m furious” said Jason, “I’ve got a face like a mange-ridden dog and my left eyebrow’s not there any more. I don’t know about Ben Hur – Gone With The Wind would be more appropriate. You don’t just let rip in someone’s face like that. It’s dangerous.”

But Tracey remains both angry and unrepentant;

“I’m still in agony,” she said, “and  Charlton Heston looks more like Sidney bloody Poitier now. Jason shouldn’t have had a fag on the go when he’s doing close up work, there’s no way I’d guff on purpose. He’d had me on all fours for nearly an hour. I can only put up with that for so long before nature takes its course. My Kev knows that I give him my five-second warning, and I’d have done the same for Jason, but I didn’t get chance – it just quietly crept out.”

Ted Walters from the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service wasn’t surprised when we asked him to comment on what had happened “People just don’t appreciate the dangers“  he told us, “We get more call outs to flatulence ignition incidents than kitchen fires these days now that people have moved over to oven chips. We have a slogan ‘Flame ‘n fart – keep ’em apart’. Anyone engaging in an arse-inking scenario would do well to bear that in mind in future.”

On behalf of the entire Fire and Rescue service, we wish them both a swift recovery.

You couldn’t make it up!


Funniest post ever Bob.
You’ll have to do another on the details of the charges just released by the SFO against the NZ First Foundation.
It will generate as much mirth as the Yorkshire whale !
I bet the trustees are having many a sleepless night.

Priceless! Thank You

“Part time XXXL Model Tracy Munter” ?? Shades of Vicki Pollard. Try googling best bogan baby names of 2020 and suddenly you realise that this may actually be all too real.


The report was from the Rotheram Bugle which is a satire site like The Onion or The Civilian. They specialise in stories you could make up!

hahahahaha that’s the funniest thing I have read in many moons, !! It would never be published here far too un-PC poking fun at fatties, smokers, tattoos, .. haha brilliant Sir Bob !

Bit of a bummer really.
Would appear to be more Chariots of Fire than Gone with the Wind.
Surely Jason Burns must have had some ink ling.

Hilarious!!! I love the tattooists sense of humour too … very British!

Pure gold sir bob ! Crying with laughter , can’t beat the poms for humour

Omg most hilarious thing ever read during our lockdown

Common arson.

As we all know life can imitate art.With this in mind I think greater care should be taken in the furture if there is ever exploration for gas on the moon.

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