Someone called Stephen Painter wrote me an abusive email letter about my recent update re the wooden building. I don’t know this wanker but I’ll offer 10 to 1 his is a life of non-accomplishment.

He’s a classic keyboard warrior although keyboard coward is a more accurate description of these types.

This reminds me of an incident in Britain 3 or 4 years ago.

A popular footballer nearing retirement, like so many sportsmen, expressed a desire to box. As an aside this has always puzzled me but some examples of this passion include the splendid Jesse Ryder who sadly wasted his great batting talent, my favourite male tennis player Andy Murray who I’m glad never acted on this urge and England’s former cricket captain Andrew Flintoff who unfortunately did.

Anyway, our hero duly went into training and was fed easy undercard bouts in which he displayed no special talent. This drew an avalanche of sustained anonymous website abuse from the same source.

Noting this a computer ace offered to trace the culprit, which in due course he did. He turned out to be a sad Painter-like failure of a man, living in a Council flat and with a life of non-accomplishment under his belt.

So, accompanied by a bevy of journalists and television cameras our hero turned up at the address and knocked on the door. The Stephen Painter character opened it to find the footballer facing him and to the delight of the media, literally fell to his knees and grovelled apologies. This incident was heavily reported in the press and on television news, hopefully deterring other such Painter-like fleas.


Well, at least he did it under his own name, unlike most commentators who hide under Psycho Milt or somesuch. Newspapers decline anonymous letters these days – no more Outraged of Eastbourne – and blogs should do the same.

    There are still good reasons to be anonymous
    – It forces people to evaluate the comment on its own terms rather than just stereotype it to an individual.
    – The prevalence of cancel culture makes it prudent.
    -One may have family to consider.

      frederickwilliscroft October 9, 2020 at 7:55 pm

      Disagree re anonymous. If you make your point succinctly, politely and hopefully with a dash of humour then what trouble can transpire? I recognise the twitter trolls names immediately, and so because of their repeated vileness, I can disregard their point of view and move on. I would personally never post on social media with some ridiculous made up name.

frederickwilliscroft October 9, 2020 at 11:39 am

Great story. The abusers social media name was “Jimmyob88” (typical wankerish name)and the footballer in question was Curtis Woodhouse. I note that the most vile abusers on twitter rarely use their real names. Oddly they seem to follow persons on twitter who clearly they are diametrically opposed and use every opportunity to post vile, puerile abuse. They specifically target centre right politicians (Bridges,Seymour,Collins) or commentators like Matthew Hooton, Damien Grant. Their comments rarely embrace the subject matter of the original tweet. Why they bother I do not know?

    The 88 bit is probably not an accident
    “88” is slang for Heil Hitler, 8 being the 8th letter of the alphabet. 88=HH
    It’s the kind of thing that the keyboard dickheads use on 8 Chan etc.

An accomplishment is “The world is a better place for my efforts”. But if you can’t do that, then the next best thing is to achieve a pleasant personal life. Unless you can find a job that truly comes with no dread-factor before turning up to work each day, then the best way to ‘achieve’ is to limit working to 30 hours a week, max. Or it will just kill you.

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