“She’s someone who brings a very sensible head on her shoulders,” the Herald quoted Judith Collins re the Nat’s Auckland Central candidate Emma Mellow. Well that’s a relief to learn Emma’s not carting her head around in a bag.

That said, given Emma’s trailing in the polls (for what that’s worth) it could be a smart ploy for her to try this as an attention-getter. A headless woman, unable to nag, talk nonsense or drive a car would have immense electorate appeal and it’s my pick she’d bolt in.


“A headless woman – unable to drive a car”, to which you might add, and very pregnant rides a bicycle. That description may not have electorate appeal, in fact no thinking electorate would entertain such a naive trendy fool, but if they talk enough marxist “nonsense” and wave the UN Agenda 2030 flag, they can become a “List” advocate for car less cities, a green utopia where tradies walk around and ride in trams, carrying their pipes and cables with them, everyone becomes a red flag chanting student, diplomas and degrees for everyone. IMHO before we accept “headless” candidates on the ballot or the List, we might need to test for “covid and climate change derangement syndrome” and “political acclimation hormonal imbalance”, what do you say.

It would appear to me that Emma has her head firm implanted in a dark brown orifice.
More political naivety from a child politician who is so chronically stupid she doesn’t understand the position her party is actually in.
Yes her ego may have been dented but suck it up love, get behind your leader and don’t ever damage your party to further a personal agenda unless you want your party to fail.
I can see Emma acting as a usher for the Nats if by some miracle a Nat / Act govt can be formed.
I wish Judith and David all the best.

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