It’s a bit rich Labour using “Let’s Keep Moving” as an election message, having locked everyone up for a good part of this year.

Let’s hope from next Monday they then apply that message to the Capital’s public servants, most  of whom are still swanning it at home, or perhaps more likely, hiding under their beds.

The same goes for the employees in Auckland corporates, known in the commercial building business as the fat girl market.

That is rows of fat girls (and wet bearded buggers) sitting in open space offices in rows doing menial tasks, these “jobs” increasingly dwindling before the computer technology advances.


the hedgehogs prose October 16, 2020 at 10:39 am

Indeed its a bit rich alright Sir Bob. Lets keep moving ‘backwards’ is a far more accurate representation of where we have been and more to the point where we are going!

I read a news article about you this morning Sir Bob which says the following:

‘He also said New Zealand’s conservative approach to managing the virus was the right one … ‘


Weren’t you against the lockdowns?

Sir Bob.
The current crisis is a public servants wet dream. Instead of doing nothing at work they can do nothing at home.
As none of them have ever heard of a McKinsey time and motion study let alone experience one their work effort is unlikely to change.
I see care of a Murial Newman article, that the public service has increased by nearly 6,000 people under Cindy which equates to 1/2 bill a year. And more people doing nothing but talking.
I can imagine some owners of office space being very concerned and they should be. It will be a long time before the vacant offices are full again and next year will see a lot of tenancy agreements cancelled and or breached.
Warehouse like staff reductions will continue will into the 2021 year.

I have a friend who works for the public service and is highly paid to write reports that I’m sure no one ever actually reads. Told to work from home for over 3 months this year and on full pay, he admitted to me that he really didn’t have anything to do.

Half of our Ministry’s should be closed down completely and the other half should be given frozen budgets which if overspent. any shortfall would immediately be taken from wages starting with the Chief Executive down. Overspending would immediately cease. But of course, I am dreaming.

Chances of reform to the public service under a hardcore socialist Labour – Green government. Zilch.

Totally agree. This government doesn’t even have a plan on how to move forward, only backwards.
They where quick enough to lock the country Down that got us into this mess.
At least the Ozzies have had for sight to open up some of their boarders while Jacinda is still scratching her head and wondering what to do next.
Maybe she is waiting for Sir Ashley to make the call. After all he has been running the country for the best part of a year.

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