The U.S Presidential election is yet another example of the opportunity lost by the TAB to offer harmless fun bets on the outcome. It’s my pick there’d be heaps of takers with Trump fanatics, of which there are many in New Zealand, attracted by the odds of probably Trump paying $1.60 on a dollar while Biden would perhaps open at around $1.25c.

I’d have a punt on the overall voting margin in Biden’s favour being at least 5 million.


$1.60 Trump??? Sir Bob you run a tough market. If Biden opened at $1.25 even our flaccid TAB bookmakers would have Trump around $4.

Well jeez, even Hillary got three million votes more than Agent Orange. Suggest you might want to reconsider the wager…

Yes but the voting margin is irrelevant in their system like last time when hilary got a 3 million margin

Sir Bob.
Ladbrokes as at 6.30 today
Biden 300 – 349 paying 7/2
Trump as above paying 4/1.
Go mad and let us know what you win or lose!
Seems like a sure bet to me – But for covid I would be going for Trump now knowing how useless the polls there are but we have just seen what living in fear and a biased press can do to results so nothing is certain this time.

More cases here bound to send paralysis by fear from our great leader/dictator down.

I love Donald Trump.

I’ll just leave this here: This model gives Trump a 91% chance of winning the election. Has been correct 25 Presidential elections out of the last 27, back to 1912. Predicted Trump would beat Hillary by 87% in 2016.


I am amazed there are 5 million voters who would be motivated to vote for Biden, let alone a margin of 5 million in the popular vote.

Clinton had a voting margin of several million. Didn’t do her much good. Apart from giving democrats a reason to whine for years.

Remember Bob , its that pesky Electoral College that rules

Hmm Id like to agree but I suspect Trump will get re-elected. The mail in vote system is not delivering for Biden-so far 850,000 mailed votes have been disqualified-Trump only actually won the electoral college majority by 775,000 last time. An overall popular majority isn’t required a-la the USA’s (basically racist) proportional system. There is also ruthlessness by the Republicans in ensuring Black & Minority voters are disqualified from voting over trivial things. Plus, no time off to vote which impacts the Democratic vote harder . There is an excellent if slightly out of date book now called “Armed Madhouse” by Greg Palast that is enlightening + Hunter Thompsons’ follow up “Fear and loathing on the Campaign trail 1972” that really gets down to just how undemocatic these elections can be.
Good fun watching from the sidelines though!

Joe Biden Says He’s Running Against ‘Four More Years Of George’
Question is did he mean George H Bush, George W Bush, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or that Trump guy? Poor Joe, needs a nap.

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