New Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere told the media, “It was fantastic that New Zealand has the queerest Parliament in the world”.

Why this is fantastic she did not say, instead adding there’s still a long way to go. “Parliament is still lacking representation, as unfortunately there are no trans MPs,” (blokes who believe they’re women and women who mistakenly think they’re blokes, notwithstanding the indisputable physical evidence to the contrary.)

All of this nonsensical babble by the sexually confused is deeply tiresome.

For just over half of my life chaps putting their cocks in one anothers bums led to imprisonment.

The New Zealand Party I led into the 1984 election was the only one in our history to call for homosexual law reform.

That wasn’t because we wanted to promote homosexual practices, rather, it reflected our libertarian, each to their own philosophy and that such matters were not the state’s business. As with nearly all of our policies, the incoming Labour government then carried out this overdue change. Having achieved that one would have thought they’d have shut up but alas, not so. Rather they’ve elevated these peccadillos to, in their eyes, a form of higher artistic achievement deserving of public admiration.

All of these self-described rainbow misfits represent a tiny percentage of our population.

I say misfits, not in a perogative sense, but as a matter of clinical indisputable numerical fact.

MPs are elected to consider the enormous range of issues that confront governments and not spout nonsense about their personal sexual oddities.

Two of the most respected MPs of recent years, National’s Chris Finlayson and Labour’s Grant Robertson, are both openly homosexual but never felt the need to go on about it or even mention it at all. Rather, they concentrated their efforts on what they were elected to do.

There is nothing intrinsically meritorious in Parliament having MPs representing every minority element of humanity.

If there was there would be a clamor for dwarf MPs, something the soaking wet Greens will probably get on to in due course. Their failure to do so to date clearly reflects an anti-dwarf prejudice, given their incessant prattle about diversity.

And what of ugly buggers? Well, like halfwits they’re already covered in Parliament, so too fat people, notably among the new intake while I suspect the Greens will already have a few line-dancers in their ranks.

There’s heaps of other categories that are possibly still missing out, such as left-handers, stutterers, beer label collectors; why the mind boggles at the potential to achieve a properly diverse Parliament for the Greens to brag about.

In the meantime my message to Elizabeth is to shut up about your sexual whims. Nobody cares and it certainly wasn’t what she was elected to do. It really is rather tiresome.

Finally, one of my favourite comic living writers is Yorkshireman Alan Bennett. Alan, a Leeds man, now in his eighties, is homosexual. In recent years he’s been highly productive, knocking out numerous short stories and novellas, always off-beat, about everyday life. Some include homosexual themes and all amount to a wonderful piss-take. But in such cases he doesn’t try to single out these sexual whims as representing a higher art form status, instead they’re simply part of humanity’s rich kaleidoscope of diversity pervading madness.


“…adding there is still a long way to go…” which confirms a truth about progressivism; that it has no limit, no end point, no boundary. It is how we end up with ‘micro aggressions.’ A corollary, irrespective of ‘the cause’, is that under the critical theory oppressor/oppressed paradigm the minority becomes the oppressor and the majority the oppressed. Aristotle’s, the few v many. That is how the US got Trump.

Bob, as you well know this is typical of the Green’s.
As someone said to me recently they remind me of Muesli.
Once you have taken out the nuts and fruits you are left with the flakes.
Worse, they actively promote “ cocks in frocks “ as something to aspire to.
I desperately worry for the future of my grandsons while this lot is close to the levers of power.

Sir Bob, entertaining and thought provoking as ever. The references to authors and books you weave in are a real treat. Undoubtedly your library contains a richness impossible to express; such is the wonder of reading. With that said, would you post on books you’ve most enjoyed reading (and re-reading) over your lifetime?

I have high hopes for Dr. Kerekere to be a standout loony even by Green standards during this term. David Farrar at Kiwiblog did a breakdown of the identity politics of the current parliament (albeit before special votes are counted) and to no-one’s surprise, gay and “rainbow” people are massively over-represented. https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2020/10/how_does_parliament_compare_to_the_adult_population.html

    Hi Fred, the over representation of gays in parliament is not unexpected when you consider most dont have children. My handful of gay friends are childless and what a boon that is. The lucky buggers have every weekend free, no nappy terrorism, no teenage drama and loads of spare cash. Plenty of time and resources to become a Politician. If I’d been aware of this earlier I would definitely have chosen the gay lifestyle. Albeit the sex would be problematic. Though I guess you just close your eyes and think of England…

      “Lucky buggers” indeed although you can do the no kids thing without all the tedious antique shopping and labradoodle owning involved with the stereotypical gay lifestyle. No bed and breakfast owning in Martinborough required after you retire either 🙂

“Long way to go,” aka make the world over in their “diverse” image and demand that everyone thinks like they do. It’s not just a boring worldview, it’s dangerous.

My laugh of the day. Thanks Sir.
A perfect finish it was to …
“simply part of humanity’s rich kaleidoscope of diversity pervading madness.”

I can only ask everyone to question that in our race to be ALL INCLUSIVE and KIND! has the world become a better place??
The voice we give to the wierd, different, deranged and sexually challenged confused soles that walk amongst appears, at least to me, to way exceed their numbers (ever growing) in both volume and amount.
We seem to now live our lives solely around the minorities rather than the “normal”.
I think we survived better the other way personally. But that’s just me.

As I understand, Jacinda Ardern has loaded up her frontline with Maori’s. I think it’s wonderful that the best people for these immensely important jobs just so happened to be Maori. Wonderful!

Can we all just agree not to have short men in parliament ? Gay, straight or otherwise.

The utterances of these deluded unelected lightweights are so irrelevant to the successful governance of this wonderful country and fortunately their endeavours will lead nowhere .Who knows where all this gender bullshit and diversity nonsence is going to lead us so one can only await developments and pronouncements with some anticipation of either entertainment or despair .

CAKE FACE once posted here my complete encyclopaedia about so-called “progressive” thought, for your viewing pleasure. I believe my encyclopaedia fell foul of the rules, being too lengthy. So be it. “Progressives” are simple but contradictory. Explaining these fakes can take time.

Irrespectively, my encyclopaedia was far from comprehensive. In particular, I didn’t discuss the most “progressive” or “progressive” traits – all consuming narcissism.

The “progressive” is obsessed with their sexuality. Everyone must know their preferences. It is of unparalleled importance for world to hear about this. The “progressive” is also obsessed with their diet. Everyone must be fascinated that they only subsist on three types of organic beans, or some such nonsense. The “progressive” is also obsessed with their so-called “carbon footprint”. Everyone must know that for example they could holiday to Europe, but chose the Coromandel instead. And so, it goes on, in tedious politically correct assault after assault…

You may see this “virtue signalling” as childish but harmless. It’s not.

The problem with lecturing the world about your sexuality, or your diet, or your holidays – is that in essence, what you really screaming at the world is “ME!!!! ME!!!! ME!!!”. If you get sucked into this nonsense, before you know it, you’re saluting in the back of a convertible car at other “progressive” neo fascist types, and commending them upon their taste in Hugo Boss attire.

Is the neo-fascist narcissism of the “progressives” a problem?

I would say – for society it could be disastrous, but personally for me it’s not.

You see, CAKE FACE is unmovable, and the legendary “progressives” can feel it. Like lions circling a lame wildebeest, they target almost exclusively the weak and unsure.

Stand up and tell the “progressive” where to go, in no uncertain terms.

Don’t let the “progressive” terrorists win, or the whole world will taste, look and smell like three types of ugly organic beans…

Thus spake CAKE FACE…

16% of the population has an IQ below 85.
Is this where the greens are contributing to diversity?

Well the Dept of Erotification is brain washing children in our schools with trans gender rights -,so EK will eventually get her way
The 2100 most popular hash tag may well be “we are all trans”

The “love that dare not speak it’s name” now can’t STFU about it.

Great to have Sir Robert around to wake us up .
He has the gravitas and courage many of us yearn for

“Rather they’ve elevated these peccadillos to, in their eyes, a form of higher artistic achievement deserving of public admiration.”

What’s not to admire? In the immortal words of Katy Perry, “I kissed a girl. I liked it”.

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