My pick is he’ll start a religion. Empty churches are popping up for sale everywhere. Ross needs to find an old lady sucker to buy him one then he dons a ball-gown and is back in business.

Admittedly sky-baying is a crowded field so he’ll need to create a few off-beat angles to establish a point of difference and attract followers. History say conspiracies work best, although free sex is also a proven winner in this well trodden activity.

Sadly Colin Craig seems to be fading after a decade of providing wonderful entertainment so a void certainly exists for Ross to fill.

With luck, following his Serious Fraud Office criminal prosecution next year, Ross cops a token deterrence short prison sentence. Therein lies his religious angle, so this could be a blessing, namely persecution and martyrdom for pursuing great truths.

Given his Advance Party form he should be able to attract and starting 100 parishioners and at a tenner a week each he can keep the cat fed during the initial stages.

Thereafter, the opportunity lies in selling bishoprics. At say $10,000 a pop I’d certainly be in it and I can think of at least half a dozen others who’d do likewise.


No need to start his own church. I’m sure Destiny would welcome him with open arms. He should contact Bishop Brian the minute he feels the calling.

Say what you will about Jami-Lee Ross he was the one MP who dared to question the government on the Covid-19 laws and express concern about how they override provisions of the Bill of Rights Act.

    The downside of that is that Jami-Jami-Lee-Lee made “concern about Covid-19 laws” look like it is associated with flakiness rather than principle. I say that as someone fuming about all the hysteria and over-reaction. David Seymour probably distinguished himself enough to be the non-flaky alternative, and deserved to pick up the votes of people betrayed by National’s doormat role over the last few months. National claim they couldn’t fight the Fairy Dust but they didn’t even try. Seymour did the right thing by organizing a Zoom conference of “contrarian” experts, and had National actually run with the evidence presented by honest experts, as material for public debate, and fought the media spin head-on in Trump fashion, they could not have suffered a worse election result. Although had they tried that and still lost, they would have concluded that going full doormat might have worked better. Chris Penk wrote a book that left out the most important arguments against St Jacinda’s “Flattening the Country”.

markscreamingoosearmstrong October 28, 2020 at 11:30 am

Seems to me Atheism has become a religion of choice for many. The Atheists have become both the most devout and the most unhappy religion I know of. Why Atheists have to boringly rant on against religion I will never know but they seem irrationally compelled to do so; it amuses me that so many Atheists profess to have a “live and let live” philosophy then run around dissing others that are doing them no harm -hypocracy surely?

Maybe it’s a bit like the homophobic – Atheists want to join in but haven’t the balls to leave their closets (if you’ll pardon the puns).

Or maybe it’s like the anti-cannabis movement – full of people who think alcohol is not a drug and are hell bent on ridding the world of drugs. While they sip their whisky and then drive their cars all the while ranting on about “those bloody druggies”…

But then again maybe it’s just the noisy majority staying true to form and bashing the minorities in a meaningless crusade that actually says more about the intolerance of the whinger than the actions of the whinged at.

I think he should follow the correct path, a flogging, crucifixion, followed by rising from the dead should see him never having to work again.

Hear, Hear

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