Herald Political Reporter Jason Wells wrote this yesterday.

“Greens co-leader James Shaw and Marama Davidson emerged from the second round of formal negotiations with Labour this evening.

Those talks were progressing well according to Davidson. But neither her, nor Shaw would outline what was…”

That’s the literacy level of Trump or a 10 year old which is the same thing.

It’s “she” Jason, not bloody “her.”

Doubtless Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon will now state the obvious, namely this is a blatant case of sub-liminal denigrating racism on the part of Wells.


Also, its co-leaders, not co-leader, or is Marama not a co-leader?

It’s also co leaders isn’t it?

God it must be good to watch this stupid country from a distance.

Sir Bob,
We have a PM who sounds like she is speaking a different language. Her diction is horrendous. The schools in Morrinsville should all be closed immediately.
As schools now appear to prioritise learning about nothing important and reading, writing and arithmetic seem to be optional with no actual testing done to determine if you have passed a suitable level of achievement this is what we get. Is Jason yet another 12 year old with zero life experience?

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