In a laughably inane article in the Dominion-Post, Paula Tesoriero, who apparently fills a role of Disability Commissioner, wrote,

“I want to unpick why people may want to distance themselves from the words “disability” or “disabled”. You see in doing so it suggests there is something wrong with my community”.

Yes Paula, there is something wrong with them you goose. They’re disabled.

Telling readers that the disabled face problems because of society’s alleged prejudice towards them is ludicrous. Regardless of society’s imagined prejudicial attitude, a legless man, no matter how well society treats him, remains legless, or in other words disabled, that is with something wrong with him.

It is that reality that creates problems for him and not a fictious social prejudice.


In the same issue a Mikaela Wilkes wrote a story about a young woman’s efforts to buy a house.

Apparently she contracted to buy one from a developer who using a sunset clause, exploiting rising values, cancelled the contract. The developer then relisted it, according to Mikaela (brace yourself) “for $90,000 more than what she (the young woman) had paid”.

No Mikaela, you goose. She’d paid nothing failing which she’d own the place.

She’d contracted to buy it which is a vast difference from paying for it. This sort of slop says everything about our regrettably dying print media.

Three decades back when at their peak, newspapers employed competent sub-editors who picked this sort of illiteracy up.

Then again, three decades back they also employed competent journalists who didn’t write such careless slop.


It would seem journalists and those in the civil service these days have a nitwit or even idiot requirement as a condition of employment and given the systemic dumbing down of our education system by those of a wet,woke, and gender confused propensity it is no surprise that these confused utterances are reported on an increasingly regular basis as a result.

Yes they employed subs who picked up this sort of illiteracy

You must all realize by now. Our collective stupidity and steady march too insanity is the classic example of defective species halt in evolution . Mother nature takes care of “tail wagging the dog” development eventually and its obvious we’re all being guided in that direction by our idiot leaders and their “emperors cloths” intellectual left wing fuckwits.
Bellwether media twat-etts confirming the status quo.
Its hard to witness all the same; akin to witnessing a loved ones death.

Just yesterday Patrick Gower stated that Trump “had stacked” the Supreme Court with 6 Republican appointees.

Apart from this being a lie, since I think only 3 have bee appointed during his term now, it is the responsibility of the sitting President to nominate replacements when incumbents die or retire, and it is the Senate which does the appointing, not the President.

    Trump has appointed 217 federal Court judges and 3 Supreme Court judges.
    He has appointed 1 in 4 of all judges currently sitting.
    Unless changes are made he has stacked the system with conservative right leaning judges for generations to come , particularly the Supreme Court.
    It is certain their next target is Roe v Wade , but only after they have tried to redetermine the election outcome if it goes against Trump.

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