On today’s Herald website, under the heading ENTERTAINMENT, is “Gang member who says he beat up R Kelly sentenced over deaths”.

Who precisely the Herald thought would be entertained by this isn’t stated. Possibility other gang members but I have a suspicion few if any will be newspaper readers.


frederickwilliscroft October 29, 2020 at 2:22 pm

I don’t usually spring to the Herald’s defence but I will do on this occasion. R Kelly is a very successful “R and B artist” who has sold over 75 million records. Billboard claim that he is the most successful R and B artist of all time. This might be presumptuous but I conclude that you may not be a fan of such music. I certainly am lukewarm myself.

Alas he has been a naughty boy who is currently incarcerated in Chicago facing charges for aggravated criminal sexual abuse. It is here that it is alleged this ex Latin Kings gang member has given him a beating.

Given his singing profile and interest in the charges he is facing I think Entertainment is not such an inappropriate place for this item to be placed.

Editors must wait with baited breath to see what fault you can find with their latest headlines.

It might have been classified as entertainment in the old Roman days, where you could BYO rock to sentencing.

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