The news from Spain reports that a chap has been arrested for dumping a human head in a recycling bin dismayed me.

Littering has been a major world problem with the growth of city living but recent years’ government and social pressures has seen the successful introduction of recycling with, by and large, an excellent public response.

Presumably the Spaniard put the head in the wrong bin.


Apparently his name began with M and therefore authorities declined to intervene on the basis of maintaining social harmony (and avoiding the unsavory prospect of becoming the next victims).

markscreaminggoosearmstrong November 3, 2020 at 4:48 pm

As long as it was a composting recycling bin – all good.

He probably panicked and was trying to keep a head of the authorities

No doubt part of the Spanish brain drain

That explains why, as I observed in Oxford (near Rangiora) yesterday morning, the local council’s recycling police were going through every bin before the collection truck emptied them.

    And good on them for doing it too. The Oxford folks are in the habit of using the recycling bins for all their rubbish. Any contamination of recycling with rubbish results in all the recycling being dumped. Rather defeating the purpose of recycling I would suggest.

I heard he was headed in the wrong direction

It’s obvious young Greta has had a big influence in Spain and the prison term for irresponsible recycling is longer than it is for murder.
I expect NZ to follow suit shortly and I predict Cindy will erect a statue to the little cherub.

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