The big day has finally arrived. I was hoping Duncan Copley of Milford who alone knows the result given that 70 million votes have already been cast, would spill the beans. But the buggers remained silent.

Presumably he was flat out cleaning up with bookies everywhere on the Melbourne Cup and is now on a bender celebrating his fortune.

The world’s been saturated with political predictions ranging from a Biden landslide to a narrow Trump victory.

Still, one thing we can be really sure about is the feeble Biden coming in at least 5 million votes ahead of the oaf, but it’s where they fall that will count.

Of the so-called deciding battleground states I’m picking Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin to fall to Biden. They total 88 votes.

If I’m right, Biden just scrapes home. Texas, Ohio, and Florida are all too close to call but if Biden picks up just one of them his margin becomes sizeable.

One thing’s certain. The election will not be resolved today unless there’s a massive undebatable landslide, which seems unlikely. Trump will cry fraud and refuse to go.

There’s talk of mass rioting, shop fronts being boarded up and huge gun sales, presumably for defensive purposes.

I suspect this is hyperbole albeit there’s bound to be some incidents, given the depth of feeling, particularly by Trump’s well-named deplorables’ supporters.

It would be a wonderful cap on a terrible year to witness Trump handcuffed, being dragged out of the White House, doubtless with Melania standing by unable to hide her glee as she’s free at last.

The repercussions will go on for years including the distinct possibility of Trump facing criminal accounting and tax charges.

Two years ago I predicted there would be more books written about the Trump presidency than exists for any of his predecessors.

To date the tally exceeds 4,500 but they’ll keep coming.

To give a measure of that figure, there’s been just over 15,000 written over three centuries about George Washington.

There’s no doubt about it. We’re living in crazy times. Anyone with a knowledge of history will recognize the fin de siècle sense of decline of the west whiff about today’s world.


Interesting to note that the shop fronts that have been boarded up are in Democratic areas as when Trump wins the Antifa (idea only) and BLM supporters will go on a rampage. So called deplorables don’t do this as they believe in democracy. Bob you should stop believing everything they write in the MSN and look at the things Trump has done. If you can’t be bothered doing that then consider he is the first President for 50 years who hasn’t sent troops to fight on foreign soil. He should be re-elected purely on that basis.

    Pulling out of the Paris accord, moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem, getting Arab countries to at least recognise Israel, defunding WHO, telling Iran to get stuffed, standing up to China plus wonders internally in the USA all good stuff. Biggest plus draining the swamp. Needs another four years to get that done and dusted.

    Other Presidents may have sent Americans to die in wars; but this one just decided that it was cheaper and easier to let them die at home by mismanaging a pandemic.

    At times like this when the choice for President of the most powerful country is between an idiot and a feeble fool, I do question whether the political system of my country of birth is so bad after all. At least China managed the pandemic quickly and efficiently, and now the economy of China is forging ahead again, while the America and Europe neither manage the pandemic nor protect their economies.

      How true. The CCP covered up initial warnings, allowed the pandemic spread outside China, and successfully contained at home. Very clever indeed.

      In the US state governors are responsible for public health measures and orders. Anyone who imagines a president can simply close the country, or order lockdowns and masks (which are both counter productive) would seem to have little understanding of the US constitution.

      Any criticism of the Trump administration should be directed at the Chinese Government and their UN globalist overlords. China “managed” to inflict this lab manufactured lurgy on the rest of the world when their pooh bear president grounded domestic flights in Feb 2020 but allowed international flights to depart. This was a globalist tactic to cripple the US economy to give the Democrats a chance to defeat Trump and it almost worked. Close but no cigar, comrades.

      Yup nothing like a biological weapon to control Hong Kong right-all those people who died along the way are just collaterol damage. Hooray for Chairman Mao, Hooray for communist super amazing man president..

    What? Err ..believe in democracy ? Give me a break . That’s a word most Trumpers can’t even spell. They certainly don’t believe in it since one lot is them are hounding counting centres yelling to stop the counting of legally cast votes – in line with their cult leader and again in line with the inconsistent ramblings of their demented lunatic twitler are shouting the exact opposite elsewhere. They’re nuts. Brainwashed by Fox News and Qanon into their white supremacist misogynist ridiculous evangelical claptrap.

    You realise his gross incompetence has killed far more Americans than they’re ever lost in multiple wars . In fact the money the orange turd gave to his 1% buddies in tax cuts and what his corrupt family have undoubtedly creamed off the system alone could have paid for numerous wars, had he been so inclined. But whos’s he gonna war with? He’s buddies with all the worlds biggest assholes now, Putin, MBS almost certainly keep his businesses afloat and Kim Yong Un and Bolinsaro are just aspirational figures of authoritarianism to him.

    All of this this still pales into insignificance to his promotion of a policy of taking children from their already desperate refugee families a throwing them in cages to rot like they’re nothing . Casually deporting and ‘ losing’ their parents . For this he deserves his very own Nuremberg.

I’m a proud deplorable.

To “Farmer” . Spot on. His approach to Mexico is on point also. Could you imagine the noise from New Zealanders and Maori if we had a string border and hoards were entering our country. God, our crew hate the legal immigrants.
To Fang. If you believe Biden is your salvation you are lost to the dark side I’m afraid. More woke PC BS heading your way.
Trumps stance on China is reason enough to vote him back in. Just read The China Threat and Falling Skies by Gertz and you might understand. All rabid Democrat leaders have bent over, pandered to and given an open door to Chinese theft of intellectual property whilst endorsing their dangerous expansion via inaction. Almost treasonous actions.
Biased trade agreements changed, jobs returned to the US has all helped stimulate their economy.
Yes Trump is a twat. But half of the US like the message. Isn’t policy important?

Bob Dylan “The times they are a-changin”

Melanie. I acknowledge your thoughts, though do find them rather disturbing.
– Covid death toll to date in the U.S is today approx 0.07% of the population. Your chances of death are 1/1500, (1/8000 if you are under 60). Yes, elderly people (over 70’s) are disproportionately highly represented in the covid death toll. Unfortunately, there is still no vaccine, or cure for old age, and old people get sick and die every day.
– Tax cuts; have helped many middle class Americans, stimulated employment.
– Trump family corruption? Anything you wish to substantiate, without doubt?
– For yourself being so Woke on the world’s biggest Assholes, you seem to dismiss the fact, that Trump has been the U.S’s most peaceful president in decades. Is that a bad thing? Or should the U.S now be playing a more adversarial and confrontational role with these Asshole authoritarian dictatorship leaders, China excluded?.
– Cages: have you become what it is you detest the most, a lynch mob? Illegal immigrant’s children in cages, shocking yes, though the Obama administration was in power when these cages were created and instigated. Trump administration abolished this practice. Would you suggest the same Nuremberg trial for Obama or Biden?

It’s a sad time we live in, and yes IMO without Trump, many will suffer from a Harris / Sanders Administration.
Unfortunately, the masses are brainwashed into the narrative. There simply is minimal, if at all any, objective media coverage of the other side of the story, which by the way 50% of the U.S public agree with.
A journalistic media, which has been well and truly paid for by media billionaires? Or left leaning Governments?
Look at covid, Trump, Green new deal, BLM, socialism.


Who rioted in 2016? Who has been looting shops and burning down buildings over the past few months? Antifa and Black Lives Matters supporters. The reality is that contrary to media propaganda, Trump supporters are law abiding and peaceful.

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