Wellington’s Dominion-Post, writing of a Central Hawke’s Bay historic mansion, ran a photo of its owners, Phyll and Stuart Gibson.

The accompanying caption read, “Phyll Gibson, and her family have lived on the property since the 1800s”.

Elsewhere the article is more specific saying the house was built in 1890.

That makes Phyll at least 130 years old. I must say she looks not too bad for her age.

If some readers are a little sceptical about this, they’re probably right as the article was written by someone called Kylie, which name one would think, should disqualify her for any employment. But these days the print media don’t have much choice when it comes to young journalists, few people under 35 having ever as much as held a newspaper.

Mind you, in fairness to Kylie, it was a caption and may well have been written by a screaming no-hoper in the Dom’s Wellington office.  


haha This is classic. Another example of the poor form from newspapers these days.

Love this.

“Kylie, which name one would think, should disqualify her for any employment”. Classic! Sadly, parents inflict worse names on their kids – Siouxsie, ffs.

Great evening laugh and SB you have said it all.
Classic. Yet another one of Cindies child army of reporters is wee Kylie.

I named my daughter kylie 40years ago I think it’s a very nice name!!
The person who wrote the article is not the only one to make a mistake in print!

Great piece Sir Bob

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