I have no expectations of Biden, his sole attribute being he’s not Trump. That all-important factor would have applied to any candidate.

That said, let’s hope he abandons the embarrassing little jigging runs to the microphones, this silliness presumably to demonstrate he’s fit and well.

Obama used to do it when going up the steps to aircraft and looked ridiculous.


When it became obvious Trump had lost he plainly also lost his mind.

He’s wasting his time with legal actions aside from which he can’t afford them.

I think there’s a fair chance he’ll face serious criminal charges regarding false accounting and tax evasion in New York.

To add to his well-deserved misery I suspect his personal finances make unhappy reading.

His knowledge of commercial property is unsophisticated and confined to development which only works in boom times. We’re some years away from that scenario.

He can no longer sell his name as a brand as it’s so tarnished.

The market for his money-losing golf-courses is nil, so all in all, a bleak time of humiliation awaits.

In the interim he still has a couple of months in the Presidential saddle. I await with trepidation what insanity he might come up with.


Assuming that the many recounts and lawsuits prove fruitless, one rumour is that he starts TrumpTV to take on (and poach talent from) the now neutered Fox News to provide an alternative conservative viewpoint to the re-writing of history “The Trump years were the worst ever for America” spin from the mainstream media. Or he could retire to Mara Lago, play golf and roam the beach with a metal detector Nixon style. Time will tell.

    TRUMP 2024

    If Biden follows through on his policy promises (reversing tax cuts, Green New Deal, running down America’s energy industries) the American economy will crash and burn and the Republicans will easily return to power in 2024.

    However Biden is infamously known for doing nothing in his 47 years of living out of the taxpayers’ trough. Chances are Biden will (pretty speeches aside) basically twiddle his thumbs for 4 years, a.k.a. Obama-like. He is the politician’s ultimate politician.

    I can list a whole page of headings for Trump’s positive achievements for America. Biden will have none.

    The Democrat zealots will spend the next 4 years trying to send Trump to prison as they greatly fear his return in 2024. But if Trump stays ahead of them and stays healthy (his energy levels are inspirational for a 74 year-old), he will be back.

Bob, well said .
I still maintain that he will struggle to last past July with his forgetfulness, incomprehensible word salads and , I assume, oncoming dementia.
Agree again, no matter his mental health he is a far better proposition than Trump.
The composition of his incoming cabinet will hopefully ensure a stable four years for both America and the world.
At the very least we will not have a continuation of foreign policy or sackings of competent cabinet members by tweet.
I relish the day the whole family, except Malania and Barron are behind bars.

    Biden is a patsy. Kamala Harris is a Communist.

    Expect to see China and Russia roll over the top of the USA in various endeavors

Trump will continue to blow his own Trumpet

Karma in action.

David Lloyd George raised a lot of money by selling knighthoods and peerages. Maybe Trump could use his last few months in office sellling pardons.

My concern – beyond Trump – is there is an avoidance of any serious commentary around the US electoral system. This Election has seriously exposed/undermined issues such as – State by State oversight of the count – Where and why hasn’t the Electoral College structure been totally overhauled/disbanded? – And what is this nonsense about having The Networks ” calling ” the Election.

    The Electoral College was designed at the time the US constitution was written and is the US version of proportional representation. It was designed to give smaller States their fair share of political influence and prevent the election being decided only by voters in New York and LA County as this was seen to be a potential issue even back then. To abolish or modify it would require a change to the US constitution and so is unlikely to happen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Electoral_College

    It’s worth remembering that the US has three branches of central (federal) government, the House (Congress) the Senate and the President each with their own powers, limitations on powers, oversights and responsibilities. The EC is solely for the presidential election.
    As fredonas has pointed out it is designed to partially limit the domination by the large states – it is a federation of states so quite different to our situation.

      Um, I thought the three parts were the Legislature (Congress), the Judiciary (Supreme Court), and the Executive (President)

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