The Wellington City traffic authorities have appealed to me to intervene, specifically to ask readers to give it a break for a week in hammering Wellington medical specialist Ian Coutts for free money.

The crowd scenes photographed yesterday illustrate the problem.

A survey of the mob revealed the best results were laying bets with Ian that,

  1. Trump will emerge in a ballgown as the Second Coming, which Ian firmly believes.
  2. Trump will succeed in his Court actions.
  3. Trump will announce his cure for cancer within a month.

There’s rich pickings awaiting everyone, albeit it is significant I haven’t received my $50 yet. Still, in fairness, Ian has been preoccupied placing fresh bets with the mobs surrounding his premises.


  1. New Zealand is still a land of opportunity with Ian types everywhere, dishing out largesse, waiting to be exploited.
  2. God’s in his heaven and Trump’s in the dustbin. Write it down and study it in case you forget.
  3. Give it a week for the crowds to abate then get to Wellington. Find Ian and place your free money bets with him.

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I thought they were all queueing for bread so as your other new mate Jesus could provide some water and turn it all into wine for Jacindas well-being

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