A Craig O’Hagen posted an item saying, “Any predictions about the election made on November 5th were of course made after the fact”.

This was in response to my item “A Small Gloat” about the accurate predictions I made on election day, the 5th November.

Craig’s plainly a half-wit. Election day in America was the 4th November thus here, the 5th November. I listed the item before a single result had been published.

Someone else hiding behind a pseudonym “dentalisnz” piped up to ask “what of my prediction about how successfully the human life experiment would be, but now unravelling in Sweden?”

Read what I wrote you fool, specifically that “when it’s all done and dusted” I suspect Sweden will emerge as taking the right path.

Well, it’s far from done and dusted to make an assessment and probably won’t be, vaccine announcements regardless, for another year.

As well, I freely conceded that as a bystander it was easy to express such opinions but if instead I ran the government, then the responsible thing was to kick for touch and go for lockdowns etc.

The inability of some people to read things accurately never ceases to astound me.

With Craig O’Hagen there’s an obvious explanation, namely the debilitating effect of his Irish ancestry.

“Dentalisnz” suggests a dentist, thus a dullard. After all, given we only get one crack at life, what sort of person would willingly choose to devote it to staring into people’s mouths?


Halleluyah !

Bob is 100%, and will be 100% right regarding the Sweden covid response…now or later.

Correct on Sweden. That is blindingly obvious. Check out quite a few African nations too.
not right re US elections. See breaking news of that. Dont bother with any mainstream media. In Nz it has been a sick joke for a long time

markscreaminggoosearmstrong November 20, 2020 at 10:30 am

Sir Bob, I guess working with inanimate buildings/property means your lack of empathy with people who work with people, and with people who make mistakes (we only need to look into a mirror to find such fallible people) is to be expected.

I am working to fight the onset of Grumpy Old Man Syndrome which is a bit of a given with advancing age at least in this country – with limited success. You should join the fight!

Discussion on Australia’s CV19 response seems to have become absent from your celebration of your crystal ball gazing…I seem to recall a discussion where I was trying to figure out why Australia was doing so well keeping CV19 out and it seems that was a fair question – but one with no answer. Meanwhile the business oriented bayed “OPEN THE BORDERS!” (It’s a great word “bayed” – thank you Sir!) with self-centered views matched only by the many stupid Americans who think freedom means doing what they like when they like regardless of the consequences of spreading CV19 to the vulnerable.

Most of us need a reminder from time to time that kindness and tolerance are virtues and those gifted with the huge and taken for granted advantages of education and intelligence should count our lucky stars rather than gloat like Toad of Toad Hall in his expensive fast car: “Poop poop! Get out of my way!”.

    If you think that success in property, and particularly commercial property, has anything to do with inanimate objects, it’s clear you know nothing of either property or business.

    Having a commercial property worth 10s of millions can only be made possible by having tenants who pay the rent, willingly and on time. In most cases, these tenants are what we call “people” and far from being inanimate objects (other than a number of civil servants, which goes without saying – though I could mention a few).

    Sir Bob has made his fortune by relentlessly focusing on giving his tenants as pleasant an experience in his buildings as is humanly possible. This investment in fit-out, maintenance, cleaning, as well as flowers, artwork and decent (invariably classical) music at just the right volume, pays off because the people who spend up to 9 hours a day in his buildings are also quite happy to pay the asking rent and outgoings.

    Whether that displays empathy or not, I leave to others to decide but it’s certainly smart business focusing on people rather than inanimate objects, don’t you think?

You have assumed incorrectly (fool).

Your utterances above -a thinking person would know not to summarily draw conclusions or make rash statements without knowing better the facts.

1. I’m not hiding behind a pseudonym. Simply, this web site uses WordPress. On reading some earlier comment of yours and wanting to respond, I didn’t have a personal access set up and couldn’t be bothered to, so just used the one I already had. My name’s Sev.

The reality is -my name could well be Bob Smith or any other equally common nondescript moniker -what would it matter? You still would know little about whomever I was and it would remain of no consequence.

2. As to my asking, “what of your prediction…. about Sweden”. You, fool should instead read what I wrote instead of thinking you are being attacked (as you are now for your misguided reaction). I said it was unravelling and asked for a response to that fact -as that is exactly what is currently occurring. I did not say it had failed.

3. I don’t know if I find it amusing, interesting or just sad that your disciples -those that repeatedly say, “hear! hear! Bob”, “you’re 100% right Bob”, “couldn’t agree more Bob”, are deficient in ability or confidence of having an independent mind. Instead they seek some relevance from this imaginary comradely gained from displaying their adulation.

Oh and by the way -again your inference is wrong. I’m not a Dentist. Using your logic, that suggests I’m not a dullard. But you would realise that now from my comments above…

Apparently Dentists have a very high rate of suicide. Just saying…

Hail to Bob!, concur 100% on all counts. While you’re at it Bob could you please kick some Dumb Buggers out of parliament and get this country back into shape 😂

    The reason Australia is doing so well is that it is an ISLAND…. if our politicians weren’t so incompetent it would and should have done a hellava lot better…

    Hmmm! Bob may well have voted for those “dumb buggers” given his published feelings re the National “dullards”.
    Either way neither SBJ or you and I can shift Cindies losers for the next 3 years. Check out the “UN’s 2030 plan” our leader ( dictator) has committed her comrades and others to.
    It’s eye watering.

Well you’re definitely a dullard sev-not-a-dentist , you pack a sad about making assumptions and then proceed to label us who like sir bobs take on reality a giant assumption yourself …. my independent mind says you’re a righteous hypocrite. Bob has been to a lot countries , dealt with a broad range of people in all echelons of society , is well read , intelligent , witty , and most importantly old …which brings wisdom . I’d rather listen to what someone like him has to say than a complete ,sulking bore like yourself .

    Bons however is that she has exposed herself (is it a she?) and now we know to read nothing else from the “dentist”. It was torturous reading however!

Having a go at the Irish Bob is a low blow. Many of us Kiwis have Irish ancestry .
Just because for example O’Leary’s prototype parachute only opened on impact with the ground is no reason to slam them all as stupid….

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